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Furniture Made in the UK

Since the establishment of our manufacturing facility in 1983, the Case family have been committed to UK manufacturing and the loyal staff that they employ.

There are many companies currently who import furniture from other countries for the UK market or who design furniture in the UK and source the manufacturing out to companies based abroad. UK manufacturing has been in dramatic decline for decades, but there are many reasons why we choose to continue to manufacture in the UK:


We source all materials that go into the manufacture of our children’s beds and kids bedroom furniture, so we know that the wood, varnish, paint, fixtures and fittings are of suitable quality. We also ensure that the skilled craftsmen and women are suitably trained to create our superior products to our high standards.


Manufacturing in Britain when compared to other countries is costly however, having the ability to control the prices we pay and charge is important. When sourcing products from companies based overseas you are subject to not only price increases from the business you are dealing with but also duty & tax, delivery costs and fluctuations in the exchange rate. The fact that we manufacture all of our furniture ourselves means that we can maintain fair and competitive prices.


One of our biggest selling points is that we manufacture our children’s beds in various widths and lengths to suit awkward, large or small children’s bedrooms. Our kids beds and children’s furniture is also available in a variety of colours including: natural ash wood, white, blue and pink. Offering different sizes and colours of furniture items, makes each order unique to an individual customer’s requirements. We are only able to offer this amount of choice to customers due to the fact that we manufacture all of our furniture here in the UK.


Manufacturing furniture ourselves means we have a bit more control over the service we can provide to customers. Although we do have delivery timescales that are typically 4-6 weeks, we can re-act quicker to any issues that may arise and make amendments to products to suit customer’s specific needs - something we most likely would not be able to do, if we imported our kids beds and furniture.

Ethics & National Pride

It is no secret that the economic climate has been very difficult for a number of years now and it seems this will continue for some time. We believe in the buy British ethos and hope that customers will consider where their children’s furniture is coming from before making a purchase. We are extremely proud to be manufacturing British made goods and will continue to support our loyal, hard-working staff who take pride in their work and ensure that customers receive safe, practical and beautiful products for their children.