General Product Information and Aftercare

We manufacture furniture here in the UK because we believe in supporting Britain and remaining loyal to staff who have been part of our company for many years and who’s participation has been essential in our improvement and growth. Controlling the manufacture of our exclusive product line makes it much easier to ensure the continuing high quality standards, effect any changes more efficiently and service our customers more effectively.

All of our kids furniture is made with expert attention to detail, using materials carefully sourced from various parts of the world and brought to the UK to be manufactured by our expertly trained staff. All of our staff have a wealth of knowledge gained over years of experience in manufacture, joinery and finishing. All of our furniture has been expertly designed to ensure it is compliant with current British and European safety standards.

General Aftercare for our Products

Due to the resistant finish achieved by the material used in the manufacture of our furniture, CBC products do not require any special maintenance. All of our wood coatings and material finishes can be maintained in a good clean condition simply by wiping at regular intervals with a soft clean cloth, sponge or paper towel (dry/damp).

The recommended cleaning methods according to the degree of soiling are as follows:

Clean with a paper towel, a soft clean cloth (dry/damp) or a sponge.
If using a damp cloth, dry the surface with an absorbent paper towel or microfibre cloth.

Streaks often form when the surface is cleaned with organic solvents, together with cold water and old cloths. To ensure no streaks occur when cleaning, we recommend wiping the surface down with warm water and then drying it using normal paper towels or microfibre cloths.

Clean with warm water, a clean rag or microfibre cloth, a soft sponge or soft brush. Use normal domestic cleaners or soaps that have no abrasive ingredients. Then wipe with fresh water, removing all traces of the cleaning agent, to prevent streaks forming. Dry the surface with a clean, absorbent cloth or paper towels.

The following cleaning agents should not be used under any circumstances:

  • Scouring and abrasive agents (abrasive powders, scouring pads, steel wool)
  • Polish, washing powder, furniture cleaner, bleach
  • Detergents with strong acids and acidic salts
  • Steam cleaning equipment

Product Attributes

  • All large panels from doors to headboards used in the creation of our kids beds and furniture are ash hardwood framed with strong joints. Ash is a light coloured wood is visually similar to pine but is a hardwood and will not dent in the way pine would. Obviously due to being a natural product, there are variations in the colour of the grain - we believe this adds to the attractiveness of our products.
  • The inside of panels used in our children´s furniture, are either ash veneered MDF (in the case of ash and all white furniture) or in the case of coloured kids furniture, smooth MFC board (which can be wiped clean).
  • Our bed bases are constructed of thick medium density fibreboard which will not break like slats tend to, regardless of how many times it is jumped upon. Each base has air holes needed for mattress ventilation, and is lacquered so you can wipe it clean after any 'accidents'.
  • The drawer boxes and internal cupboards of our cabin beds and furniture are also made from solid MDF and either lacquered or painted white, so they are robust and wipe-able.
  • All drawer joints are dovetailed for extra strength and drawers run on easy glide metal runners.
  • The handles used in the production of our childrens furniture are made from pine which nicely compliments the ash hardwood.
  • We only use full length door hinges on the vast majority of doors on our kids furniture, for durability of use time after time.
  • Furniture is varnished with clear low odour 90% gloss envirolac or 10% white gloss paint to achieve a smooth, safe and attractive finish on all of our panels, with the exception of coloured panels as these are pre-finished.
  • Mirrors are all safety backed incase of an accident/breakage
  • Desks and other working surfaces can be provided with melamine, formica or ash veneered tops in the co-ordinating colour.

Samples of the colour options of all of our furniture are available via our contact us page.

While we aim for continuity, we are constantly striving to make improvements to our ranges. We reserve the right to amend product designs and/or material used in the manufacture of our furniture from time to time without notice.


We offer a 24 month guarantee on all of CBC Childrens Furniture. For full guarantee terms, please visit our Terms and Conditions page.

Company Accreditations and Policies

  • We are members of the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA)
  • Our furniture is periodically tested to applicable British and European Standards and our design team is constantly striving to make design improvements and innovations
  • We adopt a quality policy and are accredited to ISO 9001:2008
  • We adopt an environmental policy which is committed to sustainable forest management and use materials which conform to the FSC Chain of Custody relating to processes and products for hardwood sustainability
  • We adopt a health and safety policy which is continuously maintaining and improving safe working practises through consultation, provision of equipment/resources and training