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5 Top Tips For The Perfect Sleepover

May 25, 2020

Sleepovers are a tradition, for boys and girls alike, for kids, tweens and even teens! Memories of the times spent with our friends become etched in little ones minds throughout their life. So, it is important that you give your child and their friends the perfect sleepover, one that they will remember! Afterall, there are so many bohemian, creative and fun ideas out there that will have your little ones friends swooning, but it's hard finding achievable ideas - right?

So, if you've just purchased your new CBC Sleepover Bed or if you are just looking towards the future - here are our 5 top tips for the perfect sleepover.

Pick A Theme Unicorn Sleepover

The theme you choose will set up the whole sleepover. It will determine the films your little ones will watch, what they will wear, the food that will be served and the accessories that you will need to buy. So, it is important to choose a theme that is trending, something that your little one is currently in love with.

Whatever your kids are in to, there will be a theme for their sleepover. Though, common themes include ocean adventure, movie mania or fluffy unicorns! Of course, the theme you pick will be based on the age of your little one and what they are currently obsessing over.

Matching Pajamas! Sleepover

We all love our pajamas right? So, why not get your little ones and their friends matching pjs? - they don't have to be overly expensive, but they should be cute, of course! Have them ready for when the girlies or boys arrive at your home, but keep it as a surprise, if you can - their little faces lighting up is not something you'll want to miss.

Once they have arrived for the sleepover and have gotten into their matching pajamas, they will instantly be in the mood for fun, games and a whole lot of sweet treats! But, more than this, they will have a keepsake, something to spark their memories!

Make A DIY Popcorn Bar Popcorn Bar

Every child loves popcorn - right? So why not get your little one involved and make a DIY Popcorn Bar! 

All you will need is a flat surface, like a table or even a pallet - if you wanted to be really boho! Once you have your surface, choose your containers. Clear containers are best as they allow the little ones to determine the flavour and how much popcorn is left. Though, if you're not too sure about leaving glass around a group of youngsters, opt for plastic containers, old jam jars or cooking bowls that you may have cluttering up the kitchen - check with the grandparents, as they may have some spare!

Once you have your surface and your containers, why not make some little signs or labels for the different flavours and toppings? This will keep your little one entertained for hours and will give them something further to boast about to their friends. If you have a theme, keep with it - so, if you have a unicorn theme, why not use some food colouring to dye the popcorn?

Sleepover Tents Teepee

Sleepover tents have been on the rise, they are even considered the new glamping. Though, they can be quite costly if you are buying a tent for every child that is coming to the sleepover - so, it may be an idea to make your own.

Kit out your little ones bedroom, the living room or any other spacious room in the house with a fluffy rug, loads of pillows and super cute, bohemian teepees. Lay out a few sweet treats and pampering goodies in front of each tent for the kids and perhaps you could even make little labels so everybody has their own space to sleep.

Wrap some fairy lights around the tents to keep the little ones soothed and sleeping soundly during the night - some children may be scared of the dark and the last thing you'd want is to be up all night!

Toothbrush Party FavoursToothbrush favours

With the little ones spending the whole night eating and drinking sweet treats, having toothbrushes as a party favour will have the parents thanking you later! Choose colourful options that relate to the themes of your little ones sleepover, you could even wrap them in some clear gift paper and create some cute labels - tie the labels around the brush with some colourful ribbon, or rope if you want to be extra boho.

The kids will love their new toothbrush so much that they will be excited to brush their teeth before bed!