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Bedrooms for Two

November 8, 2019

Here at Children's Bed Centres we come across many parents who require furniture for siblings who may be sharing a room. When it comes to two sharing it can be difficult to split the space between two to ensure that each child has an equal amount of storage space.

Here are a few tips to help decipher what type of furniture, storage and decor may be best in bedrooms where two siblings are sharing.

Bunk it up with Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds create a fun, yet practical space for your little one's. Designed to save space, bunk beds are perfecting for creating personal space for both of your children, whilst leaving enough floor space for other items of furniture such as wardrobes, chest of drawers or toy chests.

Long gone are the days of chunky old school style bunk beds. Here at Children's Bed Centres offer bold and super safe bunk beds for kids. All of our children's Bunk Beds are available in 2 different widths and lengths meaning that they can accommodate even the smallest of rooms. Each bed accommodates 3 spacious drawers, adding that much needed extra storage space for when 2 are sharing a room.

We understand that bunk beds are certainly a necessity when you need to accommodate for two children in one bedroom, that’s why we take safety and practicality seriously. Our Bunk Beds are made with solid bases (No slats!) meaning that they are strong enough to be slept on by kids and adults.

Get Crafty with Storage Space

When two siblings are sharing a room, its inevitable that you will need double the storage space; this can be tricky in smaller bedrooms.

It may be best to the look for furniture that is dual use, such as beds with storage underneath, double wardrobes or extra drawers. All of Children's Bed Centres beds have integrated storage space underneath, creating tons of extra floor and wall space. With each child having a bed each, this also means that they will get their own set of drawers and/or cupboards.

Take our Armada Maxi Storage bed for example, two of these beds in one bedroom will bring into the room 18(!) drawers. This amount of drawer space is ideal for shirts, trousers, pajamas and even books or toys.

Having a bed with under bed storage means that you will have extra space to work with on the floor and walls. A great enhancement would be to add floating wall shelves, which will create a place for school books or pictures frames.

Children's Bed Centres also supply a range of kids wardrobes that match existing furniture items, ideal for adding space for shirts, jackets coats or shoes.

Keep the bedroom tidy and neat with the option to add shelving units and extra hanging spaces, there is plenty of room to store more than just clothes, including books, toys and shoes. Our wardrobes come as singles or doubles, for extra storage. The wardrobes are available in a range of colours to compliment any room décor and other furniture items in our range.