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Beds Built for Grandma's House

September 28, 2018

Ah Grandma's house...full of love, memories and for some of us lots of treats! For those little ones lucky enough to spend a lot of time at Grandma's house it can be a time of fun sleepovers and playtime.

If your grandchildren stay over at your house every now and then we understand that you only want the best for them! Many of our customers are grandparents wishing to purchase a bed for their grandchild for when they stay over, for many this is a perfect option and a much comfier option than a put me up bed!

If your grandchild has their own bedroom at your house, it may be that this bedroom is the spare room or box room and often this bedroom is short of space. All of our beds are available as shorty beds, meaning that you can select a range a different lengths and widths to accommodate the size of your bedroom.

Below we have listed a range of beds that are ideal for Grandmas house and would be perfect is a room that is built for sleepovers

Sleepover Bed

As the name suggests this bed is fab for sleepovers. This bed has a trundle underneath that can be pulled out when needed. This is ideal for when cousins or friends stay over. Made from solid ash hardwood this sleepover bed is build to last, and is also available in a choice of white, pink, blue or natural wood.

Parents should consider whether their children have the right furniture says Childrens Bed Centres

Kids Bunk Bed

Ideal for families that have 2 grandchildren running around, this strong and sturdy bunk bed is ideal for the spare room in Grandma's house. This bunk bed is certainly a space saver as it eliminates the need to have 2 beds side by side, this bed also has 3 drawers built underneath to store clothes when the little ones are stopping over for a couple of a days.

Kids Tent Beds

Ideal for creating a space to play as well as a place to sleep, our range of Tent Beds are fab for younger children. As well as the novelty of the height, this bed creates space underneath that can be used as a place to play or store items that are not needed when the little ones are not around. Available in a range of finishes, this bed is sure to suit most decors.

Choose a white tent bed to bring out the galaxy theme

If you are are looking for a bed for a spare room or occasional use, get in touch with our friendly CBC team who would be more than happy to assist.