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Buying the Right Bed for Older Children and Teenagers

February 6, 2013

Once children get to a certain age (usually around 10-13), they want to start to feel, and be treated more grown up.  At this time, it often this means re-decorating their bedroom and upgrading their kids furniture from what they have used since they were a toddler or young child.

There are many types of children’s beds to consider for a child around this age, but three points should always be considered:

1)      Size

As your child gets older they will grow and often quite swiftly during their teenage years.  You want to make sure that you get a kids bed that will fit them no matter how tall they grow and will be comfortable for them during the important school years ahead.

2)      Quality

The kids bed you select at this age could see your teenager through until they leave home, so it is important that it can take the weight of an adult and be comfortable.

3)      Style/Colour

To avoid your child asking for another bed shortly after replacing this one, ensure you choose a colour and design that they will continue to be happy with as they get older.  Often wooden cabin beds or white storage beds are the best options to select, as they don’t go out of fashion and you child won’t be embarrassed when they have their teenage friends over – as they might if they had a pink four poster bed for example.  But of course, thankfully every child is different and creating a unique space suited to them is important.

The next step is to figure out what your family’s specific needs are from your choice of kids furniture.

If you are looking for extra storage then consider a kids cabin bed or captains bed, both of which incorporate storage in the form of large cupboards and deep drawers for storing plenty of clothes, shoes and school stuff.  Our children’s wardrobes are available in double or single and some are tall for longer clothes such as dresses for older girls and especially when chosen in either white or natural wood, are suitable for kids, teenagers and adults.

If you are looking to provide a space for homework or to use a computer then consider a kids desk with a formica top for writing and a storage pedestal for stationary and school work.  For small bedrooms study beds are ideal for teenagers as they incorporate a bed above a wardrobe for clothes and a large desk worktop which could house a computer and be used for completing homework.

If your teenager would like a double bed to really feel like an adult in their bedroom, Childrens Bed Centres has a range of double beds for kids and adults, some which incorporate storage and some which do not, all available in both white and natural ash wood.  Matching mattresses, bedding and bed linen for older kids and teenagers who have double beds are also available through the website.

Finally consider whether any of your child’s current bedroom furniture can be adapted or re-used to complement the new décor and design of their bedroom.  Beds such as toddler beds from Childrens Bed Centres can be adapted into a bunk bed by purchasing the upper bunk and supports to attach to your current bed.  Another example is a Childrens Bed Centres kids four poster bed, which can be transformed into a normal storage or cabin bed by simply purchasing new headboards.

At Childrens Bed Centres we have tried to consider the needs of parents and children of all ages from toddler to teenager, to ensure that we provide a varied range of products in different colours, styles and sizes to suit all requirements.


Study Beds and Beds for Teenagers

As children get older and reach their teenager years, they often want or need a new bed. Childrens Bed Centres have written this article to aid parents in making the right choice of furniture for older kids and teenagers.


This article is based on the personal experiences of families, research and our expertise in children’s furniture, in an effort to assist other parents with selecting suitable children's beds and furniture.  We are not healthcare professionals or sleep experts and make no guarantees that these methods will be suitable for your child.  For more articles related to children visit