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  • Think Blue for World Ocean Day

    Friday 8th June is world Ocean Day! World Ocean day is a global celebration with events all over the world celebrating our ocean. Covering 71% of the Earths surface, the ocean is a large part of life and one that should be taken care of. This years theme for world ocean day is the prevention of plastic pollution,  here at CBC we think it's important to take care of the environment, and ensure that children are made aware of the impact of

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  • Turning a Nursery into a Bedroom

    For many parents who have a toddler, it can feel like only yesterday that you were bringing your little bundle of joy home. It can be a daunting prospect, not only for you but for your child too. There are many transitions that happen as your little one grows, teething, walking and talking. Another big transition is turning your little ones nursery into a exciting new grown-up bedroom. Choosing the Right Bed Here at CBC we design practical, affordable and stylish children's

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  • Need a Bed for a Box Room? We've Got That Covered.

    We understand that sometimes it can be hard to furnish a bedroom that is smaller than average, whether that be a box room or an attic room. Our beds are designed in such a way that means that every part of it can be utilised for storage, meaning that even the space in a small bedroom can be maximised. Many of our beds have storage cupboards and drawers underneath, eliminating the need for extra drawers or wardrobes if space is tight.

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  • Something for your Little Star Gazers

    As some of you may have heard over the past couple of days, every year around the 3rd of January the Earth is closest to the Sun. This astronomical phenomenon is known as Perihelion, vice versa the Earth is farthest from the Sun in July. The difference from the Earths farthest point in July and the closest point in January is around 3.1 million miles! That's a pretty long way to go isn't it?! When Earth is closest to the

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  • How to Maximise the Space in a Child's Bedroom

    Struggling to find space for the flood of new toys and gifts from Christmas in your child’s bedroom? We know the struggle. However, fear not! We have some super helpful tips that can help you to maximise the space in your child’s bedroom whilst also maintaining style and practicality. First on the list, do you have the right furniture for the space available? It can be a struggle when you have a smaller than average bedroom with a tight space, or have

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  • Beds Fit for a Princess

    The announcement of the #RoyalEngagement has created a bit of a buzz here at the CBC offices! All the talk of princes’, princesses and a royal wedding has got us excited about all things regal. This month, there is a wonderful 20% off all of the regal necessities for your very own little princesses’ in our fabulous pre-Christmas sale. From our range of pink voile curtains, tea party themed organisers and our beautiful coloured buntings, there are plenty of items to

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  • Popular Bedroom Furnishings

    Childrens Bed Centres offer a vast range of bedding and bedroom furnishing themes for kids which complement their furniture in taste, quality and value for money.  Some of the most popular themes are detailed below. Cupcake / Tea Party Tea parties have always been quintessentially British and since the Olympics and the Queen’s jubilee last year have increased in popularity once again.  Our range of cupcake and tea party bedroom furnishings are popular with young and older girls.  Bunting is especially popular

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  • More Customers Share Their Children's Bedroom Tips

    Following our article last month inviting customers to share their kids bedroom ideas, more customers have sent in images / described how they have designed and decorated their children’s rooms, incorporating our kids beds and bedroom furniture. This week we were fortunate enough to hear from Mrs Newell who has decorated her daughter’s new white storage bed with colourful flower stickers which look beautiful against the chic white finish of the bed.  The vibrant colours of the duvet cover and curtains

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  • Guide to Buying Children’s Bedroom Furnishings

    Here at Childrens Bed Centres we know that once you have chosen the ideal bed for your son or daughter, you’ll need kids bedding and other furnishings to make their new room complete. Here's what you need to think about: 1) Wide Choice You'll want to have a wide choice of children’s bedding and furnishings In different themes and styles, so that no matter what décor you have in the room, you will find suitable items to co-ordinate nicely.  Older children will want cool,

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  • 'Do your Children have the Right Furniture?' ask Childrens Bed Centres

    Here at Childrens Bed Centres we understand the importance of having children’s beds and bedroom furniture that is suitable for your child.  What might be suitable for older children, or an adult, typically won't be right in a child's bedroom.  You'll need to know what kids furniture you need, and what to look for, so that you don’t make an expensive mistake or unsuitable choice. 1)  All of the kid's bedroom furniture on the Childrens Bed Centres site is suitable for

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