• Are You an Early Christmas Shopper?

    We know, its October! Although not half way through just yet, its hard to ignore the Christmas aisles that have suddenly appeared in the shops. If you're a shopper that is organised and loves to be prepared, you may have already started your Christmas shopping for the little ones. Shopping for Christmas so early can be a little daunting, however it also means that you will have more time to relax with the run up to Christmas! More time in the

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  • Beds Built for Grandma's House

    Ah Grandma's house...full of love, memories and for some of us lots of treats! For those little ones lucky enough to spend a lot of time at Grandma's house it can be a time of fun sleepovers and playtime. If your grandchildren stay over at your house every now and then we understand that you only want the best for them! Many of our customers are grandparents wishing to purchase a bed for their grandchild for when they stay over, for

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  • Why Decor is So Important

    Being proud of our home and everything in it is something that we all aspire to, whether that be a new home or a home that is in need of a refurb. A home is somewhere that we relax, work, live and grow, it is a place that we enjoy and a place that memories are made. For those homes that have little ones running around it can be hard to maintain the upkeep and decor. However having a homely and

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  • The Best Bedtime for Toddlers

    We all know that sleep is important, it helps us to live our daily lives, concentrate and have tons energy. Sleep is especially important for toddlers and children, it helps with development and helps to improve their overall health and well being. Recommended Sleeping Times According the NHS website the recommended sleep time for children varies by age. For a 2 year old the recommend sleeping hours during the day are 1 hour 30 minute and at night-time around 11 hours 30 minutes, this

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  • Sale Saturdays are Here

    #SaleSaturdays are here! For this weekends sale, all of our luxury children's duvet covers are up to a whopping 60% off! We hand select all of our products for luxury and quality, from our kids beds to our wall clocks. This includes our range of duvet covers. We have a fantastic range of girls duvets to choose from as well as a super comfy range of boys duvets to choose from also. Each week for the next 2 month will see flash

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  • The Ideal Decor for Girls Bedrooms

    We understand the importance for your child to have a bedroom that is kitted out with both practical and and stimulating items. You want to create an environment that encourages them to enjoy and cherish their own space, but also creating a environment that is functional for sleep. For girls it may be that you want to create space that they can grow into and enjoy through out their teenage years too. Perfect the Decor First things first everybody has their own distinct

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  • Style up Your Children's Bedroom with Bunting

    Giving your children's bedroom a bit of a refresh couldn't be easier. It could be as simple as adding new decorations, or even adding a statement rug/bedding. We think that one way to refresh a bedroom is be to add some cute and quirky bunting to the walls, or bed. Bunting can be hung from pretty much anywhere in a bedroom, creating an extra dimension and adding a splash of colour to a bedroom. If your child has a four poster bed,

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  • Football Superstars

    With the world cup well under way and England having made it the quarter finals, it's understandable that the country is getting excited! The quarter final on Saturday looks set to be another interesting game, and will surely have the nation excited. There is something about the world cup that certainly brings the country together as one - whether that be spending time with family to watch the game, heading down to the local or simply watching the game in the

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  • Think Blue for World Ocean Day

    Friday 8th June is world Ocean Day! World Ocean day is a global celebration with events all over the world celebrating our ocean. Covering 71% of the Earths surface, the ocean is a large part of life and one that should be taken care of. This years theme for world ocean day is the prevention of plastic pollution,  here at CBC we think it's important to take care of the environment, and ensure that children are made aware of the impact of

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  • Turning a Nursery into a Bedroom

    For many parents who have a toddler, it can feel like only yesterday that you were bringing your little bundle of joy home. It can be a daunting prospect, not only for you but for your child too. There are many transitions that happen as your little one grows, teething, walking and talking. Another big transition is turning your little ones nursery into a exciting new grown-up bedroom. Choosing the Right Bed Here at CBC we design practical, affordable and stylish children's

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