• Why Our Beds are So Robust

    Unlike other kids bed on the market our beds are built to last, with many of our customers saying that the beds they buy from us last for generations. We take pride in our work and every one of our beds are built carefully in our UK base manufacturing facility to ensure quality and durability. Each bed is made to order, using techniques that we have perfected over the years we can safely say that our beds don't wear easily. Here's Why

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  • Beds Built for Grandma's House

    Ah Grandma's house...full of love, memories and for some of us lots of treats! For those little ones lucky enough to spend a lot of time at Grandma's house it can be a time of fun sleepovers and playtime. If your grandchildren stay over at your house every now and then we understand that you only want the best for them! Many of our customers are grandparents wishing to purchase a bed for their grandchild for when they stay over, for

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  • The Best Bedtime for Toddlers

    We all know that sleep is important, it helps us to live our daily lives, concentrate and have tons energy. Sleep is especially important for toddlers and children, it helps with development and helps to improve their overall health and well being. Recommended Sleeping Times According the NHS website the recommended sleep time for children varies by age. For a 2 year old the recommend sleeping hours during the day are 1 hour 30 minute and at night-time around 11 hours 30 minutes, this

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  • Getting Ready for Big School

    The first day of primary school can be a scary processes for both you and your little one. It is also a time to cherish, the inevitable thought that your baby isn't quite a baby anymore is certainly a daunting time for any parent! We understand the transition from toddler to older child and starting school can sometimes be a little difficult, its important to make the transition simple. Making things a bit more "grown-up" at home, including your children's bedroom

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  • Think Blue for World Ocean Day

    Friday 8th June is world Ocean Day! World Ocean day is a global celebration with events all over the world celebrating our ocean. Covering 71% of the Earths surface, the ocean is a large part of life and one that should be taken care of. This years theme for world ocean day is the prevention of plastic pollution,  here at CBC we think it's important to take care of the environment, and ensure that children are made aware of the impact of

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  • Olympic Standard Craftsmanship

    Wow, what an exhilarating weekend for the Winter Olympics. Lizzy Yarnold created history by becoming the first Briton to successfully defend a Winter Olympics title. Prior to the event, Lizzy Yarnold revealed that she had actually considered quitting due to feeling unwell; however after overcoming her illness she went on to win. Perfecting a skill such as Lizzy’s Yarnold’s, and any skill for that matter, takes dedication and hard work. It certainly goes without saying that practice makes perfect, to become

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  • Proudly Made In Britain

    Here at CBC we understand the importance of good quality products. All of our products are made to order, at our onsite manufacturing facility based in the North West of England. We are proud to be a sustainable UK based company, for many reasons: Buying British helps to keep skills alive Supporting Britain is important to us. We believe in loyalty to our staff, and encourage them to take pride in their skills and their ability to create and design beautiful products, time

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  • Popular Bedroom Furnishings

    Childrens Bed Centres offer a vast range of bedding and bedroom furnishing themes for kids which complement their furniture in taste, quality and value for money.  Some of the most popular themes are detailed below. Cupcake / Tea Party Tea parties have always been quintessentially British and since the Olympics and the Queen’s jubilee last year have increased in popularity once again.  Our range of cupcake and tea party bedroom furnishings are popular with young and older girls.  Bunting is especially popular

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  • Cleaning your Children's Beds and Bedroom Furniture

    Childrens Bed Centres are asked by parents from time to time, what is best to use when cleaning their new children’s beds and furniture.  All Childrens Bed Centres kids beds and furniture products are designed with durability and practicality in mind - this includes the finishes applied to products, making their kids furniture some of the most durable on the market.  Details on the best way to clean Childrens Bed Centres products are listed below: Light Cleaning Clean with a paper towel,

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  • Guide to Buying Children’s Bedroom Furnishings

    Here at Childrens Bed Centres we know that once you have chosen the ideal bed for your son or daughter, you’ll need kids bedding and other furnishings to make their new room complete. Here's what you need to think about: 1) Wide Choice You'll want to have a wide choice of children’s bedding and furnishings In different themes and styles, so that no matter what décor you have in the room, you will find suitable items to co-ordinate nicely.  Older children will want cool,

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