• Football Superstars

    With the world cup well under way and England having made it the quarter finals, it's understandable that the country is getting excited! The quarter final on Saturday looks set to be another interesting game, and will surely have the nation excited. There is something about the world cup that certainly brings the country together as one - whether that be spending time with family to watch the game, heading down to the local or simply watching the game in the

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  • Creating Good Homework Habits

    The age old battle with homework seems to be one that never really ends through generations! However, the battle can be made easier with a few simple changes. Homework is great for helping kids to develop responsibility, as well as helping them to develop key skills such as time management and thinking skills. Homework can become a drag for kids – however with a little help from Mum and Dad homework can become a positive learning experience. Here are some tips

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  • Children require bedrooms that are conducive to learning, says Childrens Bed Centres

    Giving our kids the best start in life is what we do as parents, and when it comes to designing your children's bedroom, keeping a few useful techniques in mind can make sure their space is ideal for learning and personal development. As the leading UK manufacturer and retailer of children's beds and bedroom furniture, Childrens Bed Centres have almost 25 years’ worth of experience and knowledge when it comes to designing the perfect space for children. Their unique kids beds

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