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  • The Best Bedtime for Toddlers

    We all know that sleep is important, it helps us to live our daily lives, concentrate and have tons energy. Sleep is especially important for toddlers and children, it helps with development and helps to improve their overall health and well being. Recommended Sleeping Times According the NHS website the recommended sleep time for children varies by age. For a 2 year old the recommend sleeping hours during the day are 1 hour 30 minute and at night-time around 11 hours 30 minutes, this

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  • Making the Best Bedroom Environment for Sleep

    A bedroom is a place that should enable you to relax and wind down into a deep and comfortable sleep. No body wants to feel unrest when waking up in a morning, especially not your little ones! However, the smallest changes to a bedroom environment can affect sleep and effect how well rested we are. Duvets and Pillows Suitable pillows and duvets are the 1st step in ensuring you have a comfortable nights sleep. Its important to realise how your child sleeps and

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  • Keeping Cool in the Heatwave

    As temperatures in the UK reach over 30 degrees, it's safe to say we are feeling the heat! Although lovely for days out and enjoying time in the garden, prolonged temperatures can make your home warmer than usual, leaving the little ones feeling flustered and uncomfortable. There are plenty of ways you can help to keep your kids cool that don't have to be bog standard and boring. Here is a couple tips to help keep your children cool in the sun: Fun

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  • Football Superstars

    With the world cup well under way and England having made it the quarter finals, it's understandable that the country is getting excited! The quarter final on Saturday looks set to be another interesting game, and will surely have the nation excited. There is something about the world cup that certainly brings the country together as one - whether that be spending time with family to watch the game, heading down to the local or simply watching the game in the

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  • Choosing the Perfect Duvet

    As the months grow slightly warmer after the winter, now would be a good time to start looking at your child's sleeping environment. A bedroom should create a sense of calm and serenity. Part of being comfortable in a bedroom is of course down to the the core component - the bed! Chances are you've spent time deciding on a suitable bed and mattress for the requirements of your child. It's also a good idea to take just as much time

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  • Which Mattress Is Best for A Child?

    There are many types of mattresses currently available on the market so choosing one that’s suitable for a child can therefore be quite challenging. It’s important however, that when purchasing a new bed for your little one, you take into consideration which mattress you are going to get with it. Many parents don’t put much thought into selecting the mattress for their children, instead, most focus their efforts on finding the perfect bed, but it’s crucial that you take a few

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  • Give your kids a good night's sleep for National Bed Month

    A good night's sleep is crucial for child development, happy day times and more importantly bed times… As a good bed can make all the difference when it comes to convincing your children to climb into bed on time, with March 2017’s National Bed Month what better time to make bed time more exciting by replacing your child’s worn-out bed frame and mattress? The quality of your little one’s mattress can impact the sleep they have, so it’s really important to

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  • Is your child sleeping in the right bed? Ask Childrens Bed Centres

    Leading children's furniture supplier, Childrens Bed Centres are encouraging parents to ensure that their children have the right sort of bed. A spokesperson for Childrens Bed Centres explained, "It's essential that children have the right sort of bed and bedroom furniture to meet their needs.  Younger children have different requirements from their bedrooms than older children, and so what might have been the perfect bedroom layout a few years ago may no longer be suitable. Perhaps your child is grumpy because

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  • Buying the Right Bed for Older Children and Teenagers

    Once children get to a certain age (usually around 10-13), they want to start to feel, and be treated more grown up.  At this time, it often this means re-decorating their bedroom and upgrading their kids furniture from what they have used since they were a toddler or young child. There are many types of children’s beds to consider for a child around this age, but three points should always be considered: 1)      Size As your child gets older they will grow and

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