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Childrens Bed Centres delivery team continue to deliver in the snow

January 22, 2013

The recent snowfall and icy weather continues to cause disruption in certain parts of the country, but we are pleased to advise that Childrens Bed Centres deliveries are still getting through.

Childrens Bed Centres delivery team continue to deliver in the snow

The Childrens Bed Centres delivery team in the Surrey and Berkshire area today battle through the snow to deliver our kids beds and children's bedroom furniture.


Gordon and Andy our team in Surrey & Berkshire today, sent us this picture which we thought we would share with you.  Though slightly delayed as they obviously have to be extremely careful on icy/snowy roads, they are pleased to still be delivering our kids beds and children’s furniture to families.  Gordon the driver said:

“Children get so excited when they are told their new kids bed is coming and we hate to let them down, so we are doing our best to keep going even in this weather!  Parents dismantle old furniture before we arrive, so if we can’t make it then sometimes the kids have to sleep on a mattress and of course are disappointed.  Luckily our van is not too large and quite easy to manoeuvre, so although we need to be cautious on the smaller roads and residential streets, we are still making it through and keeping the kids happy.”

Today the team will deliver: kids cabin beds, storage beds, children’s wardrobes, bookcases, small wardrobes, kids mattresses and bedside cupboards (wooden bedside cupboard pictured).

The scheduling team advised the following:

“We are informing customers when scheduling deliveries that there is a chance of problems if our vehicles can’t get to their address due to road closures or for other safety reasons.  We also advise that there is a significant possibility of delays in the snowy weather, but on the whole we are very happy with how the deliveries have gone so far.  We have been very busy with our children's bed and kids furniture sale which is currently running and although some deliveries have been a bit delayed, all this year have arrived on the date scheduled and we think customers are happy that our people are doing their best even in these difficult conditions.  The drivers are advising that they are getting more cups of tea offered than ever before, which is a good sign that customers appreciate the efforts they are going to!  We are very proud of the deliveries team.”