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Children's Cabin Beds Add Space And Excitement

March 15, 2017

Children's cabin beds are a fantastic way to add storage space to your child's bedroom, whilst giving them an exciting bedtime each night as they clamber on to their comfy platform for a good night's rest.

With a raised bed, a ladder will be needed for younger children to climb up at bedtime, meaning that a children's cabin bed can turn your child’s goodnight routine into more of an adventure. The perfect bed can also help to clearly define that once your child is in bed, it is time to sleep - although of course the ladder is still there if your little one needs to climb down during the night.

Our quality UK made cabin beds offer the excitement of sleeping in a top bunk without anyone sleeping below. Instead, the space underneath is typically taken up by cupboards and drawers, giving ideal storage space for clothes, toys and other items when the main wardrobe is limited on space. This storage space is one of the main reasons why some parents choose a cabin bed for their children's bedrooms. Whilst the storage space can be used for any purpose, some prefer to let their little one use it as 'their' space for storing items, leaving mum and dad in charge of the main wardrobe and drawers in the room.

With removable ladders, our kid’s cabin beds are ideal for your youngsters as they move through their early school years, giving them more space to play with friends or get creative with some colouring and crafts, making this storage friendly bed a great addition to a small room.

Whilst helping to ensure that bedtimes run smoothly (as your youngster will actually want to go to bed), these eye-catching beds are perfect for any child's bedroom makeover, available in a range of colours and styles ideal for both girls and boys including painted white and natural wood. You can view our full range of kid’s cabin beds here.

Alternatively, being the second most popular design in our range, captain's beds are another perfect solution to those storage problems. Whilst they are very similar in design to cabin beds, they offer both adventure for your little one and comfort for yourself as they are all supplied with safety panels or safety wings, to ensure there’s no unexpected bumps in the night. Take a look at our full range of captain’s beds here.