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Choosing Your Child's First Toddler Bed

March 24, 2020

Choosing your child's first toddler bed can be stressful and upsetting for most parents. It can bring on premature empty nest syndrome and make you feel guilty for wanting your own personal space, especially if you have had your little one sharing your bed. But the leap from cot to big boy/girl bed is not something that needs to be pondered over, it should be an exciting time for both you and your little one.

We know that parents have so many questions when buying their child's first toddler bed, it's only natural. So, we have taken the time to answer all of those niggling questions that parent have expressed when hunting for the perfect bed for their child.

At what age should my child move to a toddler bed?

The truth is, there is no definite answer to this question. We all develop differently, and one child may be ready to make the leap before another.

Generally, parents make the transition from the cot to the 'big bed' when their child is around 18-24 months.

What are the key signs my child is ready to go into a toddler bed?

Toddler in bed

In most cases, your child will show you when they're ready to make that all important leap. Either they will simply outgrow their cot, or they will make efforts to escape during the night - this is mostly because your child feels closed in.

Here are a list of some of the other signs that your child may display when they are ready to transition to a big bed...

  • They try to climb out of their cot
  • They ask about when they're getting a 'big bed'
  • They can be left safely unsupervised
  • They have begun potty training

What toddler bed should I choose?

There are so many options and variations out there that it can become daunting. But, once you and your child have agreed that it is time to leave their precious cot behind, it is important that you work together to select their big bed.

Getting them involved in the selection will give them a sense of accomplishment and pride, they will feel ownership for their new bed which will help them to overcome first-time nerves.

Key factors to consider when selecting your child's toddler bed are:

  • Width between the floor and the bed base
  • Safety rails

You want a toddler bed that is low to the ground so it is easier for your little one to climb out of bed in the mornings. Though, it is a valid concern that he or she may take a tumble in the night, as toddlers are known to do.

To give you piece of mind at nighttime, safety rails and bars are an amazing idea. They prevent your little one from rolling over and ending up on the floor, hurting themselves in the process. Many toddler beds come with safety rails, or there is generally an option to add these on. Although they may cost that little something extra, they are worth the money - as they will help you and your little one sleep without a worry.

How long will my toddler bed last for?

Toddler beds can last until a child is between 5 and 7 years-of-age. What determines this is the way in which the child grows. If you have a child who is quite small, their toddler bed may last longer than it would for a child who is quite tall.

Age aside, it is a good idea to pay that little bit extra for a good quality, sturdy toddler bed. Although your child may outgrow it, you or other family members may be able to recycle the bed when another child begins his or her journey into the big bed.

Where can I find the perfect kids toddler bed? White Toddler Bed

Here at CBC, our toddler beds are designed to be durable, adorable and to last for generations. Our shorty beds are low to the ground and incorporate three drawers underneath to maximise storage, which are perfect for storing anything your little one may need in the night - like nappies, pull-ups or pyjamas.

You are also able to add on a safety panel, safety wings and even a ladder should you wish. These optional extras will allow you to drift off into a peaceful sleep without worrying about your little one rolling over and falling out of bed. The bed ladder option is loved by all kids, it makes climbing into bed at night just that little bit more exciting!

While your little one may eventually outgrow their toddler bed, you will definitely be able to keep this adorable toddler bed tucked away for when you or another family member need it!