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Cleaning your Children's Beds and Bedroom Furniture

March 29, 2013

Childrens Bed Centres are asked by parents from time to time, what is best to use when cleaning their new children’s beds and furniture.  All Childrens Bed Centres kids beds and furniture products are designed with durability and practicality in mind - this includes the finishes applied to products, making their kids furniture some of the most durable on the market.  Details on the best way to clean Childrens Bed Centres products are listed below:

Light Cleaning

Clean with a paper towel, a clean soft damp cloth or a sponge.  Streaks can form when the surface is cleaned with organic solvents, together with cold water and/or old cloths. To ensure no streaks occur when cleaning; we recommend wiping the surface down with tepid water and then drying it using normal paper towels or microfibre cloths.

Soiling and more Severe Cleaning

Clean with warm water, a clean rag or microfibre cloth, a soft sponge or soft brush. Use normal domestic cleaners or soaps that have no abrasive ingredients. Then wipe with fresh water, removing all traces of the cleaning agent, to prevent streaks forming. Dry the surface with a clean, absorbent cloth or paper towels.  The insides of panels on our coloured kids beds and bedroom furniture are designed to be wiped clean.  Felt tip and crayon should come off the colour easily with standard soap and water.

The following cleaning agents should not be used under any circumstances:

• Scouring and abrasive agents (abrasive powders, scouring pads, steel wool)

• Polish, washing powder, furniture cleaner, bleach

• Detergents with strong acids and acidic salts

• Steam cleaning equipment


How to clean Childrens Bed Centres kids beds and furniture

Best ways to clean your kids beds and bedroom furniture from Childrens Bed Centres.


For details on general maintenance and repair tips of Childrens Bed Centres kids beds and furniture view the following article: Maintaining Your Children's Beds and Furniture