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Common Nightmares Your Children May Be Having

April 24, 2020

Nightmares are only natural - every child, and adult has experienced them. But, with the growing unease around the world, this is a challenging time in a child's life as their routine is disrupted and they are kept indoors for a large proportion of the day. Understanding our little ones nightmares and the meanings behind them is important, as we are then able to make any necessary changes to situations that may be inflicting those nightmares - if that ability is within our power - of course! So, we've outlined some of the most common nightmares that your children may be having and the meanings behind them...

Monsters and Big Bad AnimalsMonster Under The Bed

Children have been haunted by monsters for centuries, whether they're hiding in dreams or under the bed - the monster is the manifestation of fear. Just as as big bad animals are, wolves, lions, crocodiles and snakes are all representative of a negative or intimidating person in a child's life.

Having the occasional nightmare about a monster or a big bad animal is not something to worry about, it's natural. Your little one may have been told off by a teacher or a family member and subconsciously, they will turn that person into a monster as a way of dealing with the telling off. However, if nightmares involving monsters or big bad animals become persistent, you may need to have a deeper, more serious chat with your child.

Persistent nightmares about monsters or mean, growling animals could represent a child's fear of a certain situation, or a person.  Sit your little one down and level with them, let them know that they are safe, loved and able to tell you anything.

Being Eaten Alive Boy asleep in bed

Now this is a weird one! With some children reading popular fairy tales before bed, like Little Red Riding Hood or The Three Little Pigs, you would think that a child's overactive imagination has just reimagined a famous story. When in fact, nightmares that involve being eaten alive are representative of a picky eating problem.

So, if your little one is awoken in the night by this nightmare, it may be an indication that they are worrying about food. For some children, tasting new foods can be quite stressful, especially if they're picky eaters who don't like a lot.

In some nightmares where a child is being eaten alive, this may be by a monster or an animal - like a shark or large fish. If this is the case, their nightmare could be an indication of a fear of food - like an eating disorder.

Bugs and Insects Blue Bug

Now this is one that your little ones may be experiencing right now - There is nothing more annoying than bugs and insects, especially in our nightmares! Your child may have a nightmare where they are being engulfed by a swarm of bugs and can't escape, or where they have insects all over their body but can't quite get them off.

Generally, this type of nightmare represents a fear of the unknown or a feeling of insecurity due to a change in routine.

Being Chased By Somebody Unknown Little girl running

We have all been there and lived through this dream, but for children, being chased by somebody unknown can be quite distressing. It can be scary for parents too, especially if your little one wakes up in the night, sweating and panting like they have actually been running.

This nightmare is usually brought on by a stressful situation, one that your little one is trying to run away from. As an example, a child may experience this when their parents separate, especially if they are in denial about the relationship failure yet deep down know it to be true.

When Toys Come To Life Bear looking sad

Every child has seen and loves Toy Story, so it comes as no surprise that children are having nightmares about their toys turning into demons and coming to life. The key in these nightmares is a much loved toy turning evil - this may indicate that a child feels as though somebody close to them is acting out of character, this leaves them feeling afraid and confused.