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Creating a Space to Play

May 25, 2018

When it comes to your children's bedrooms, we understand that creating a fun and encouraging space must come part and parcel with creating a space that is also practical.

A bedroom that is exciting and creates a sense of excitement for children can really help to encourage your little one to enjoy and look forward to bedtime.

The Perfect Play Area

Our Tent Beds are ideal for creating a playful yet super comfy place to sleep. Offering a place to sleep, as well as a wonderful play area underneath, this bed is sure to bring some excitement to your little one.

Made from solid ash hardwood, this bed is sure to with stand the test of time and all of the many imaginary adventures! The bed is available in either natural wood, pink, blue or white. Meaning that you can really vamp up the decor in your children's bedroom to make sure every space is maximised and creates a wonderful space for your little one to sleep.

Underneath the bed is a large open area, that is ideal for creating storage space. This space is ideal for adding extra storage items, such as boxes, drawers and toys. The open area is also ideal for creating a play den! Add camo netting the front of the bed to create cosy space underneath the bed for your little one to play in. If you have a want to be football player on your hands why not add some plain white netting? This creates a great toddler sized net! Ideal for playing ball games with friends.

Choose a white tent bed to bring out the galaxy theme

More information on our tent beds can be found here

If you have any ideas on how to make children's bedroom more exciting, get in touch! We would love to hear your ideas.