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Creating Good Homework Habits

January 16, 2018

The age old battle with homework seems to be one that never really ends through generations! However, the battle can be made easier with a few simple changes.

Homework is great for helping kids to develop responsibility, as well as helping them to develop key skills such as time management and thinking skills. Homework can become a drag for kids – however with a little help from Mum and Dad homework can become a positive learning experience. Here are some tips to encourage a happier homework experience:

1 -  Create a stimulating studying environment

Let your little one decided where they would prefer to study, whether that be their bedroom or a lounge area. Ensuring they have a suitable area to do their work comfortably is important – investing a small desk may be a good idea. Make sure they have everything they need by stocking up on pens and pencils – let your child decorate their desk, this will add their own personal stamp and create a bit of a excitement when it comes to using the desk for the first time.

2 - Help to keep your child on track with a notice board

Helping to keep your child organised can really help them to keep on track. Add homework tasks on to the board, and create a small timeline so your child can start to understand the importance of deadlines and time management. You can also add hints and tip on to the board, so your child can have a better understanding of the task at hand.

3: Keep distractions at bay

In a digital age it’s easy to get distracted when you’re trying to concentrate on the task at hand. Adults as well as kids know this all too well! It may be best to keep phones, tablets and tv’s turned off and locked away whist your little one is studying. This will create a natural habit for when they enter the world of university or work, ensuring they are putting in maximum effort and not getting distracted easily.

4 - Pick a suitable time for study

Each child is different. Homework may be best completed straight from school for some, or after dinner time. If it’s the first time your child has homework it may be best to try out different times of the evening and gauge their productivity. Let your child take the reins and decide what time of the evening is better for them.  Make sure that you and your child agree on the set time and place, which can eliminate some of the homework-related tension between parents and children.

5 - Reward Charts

Rewards charts can be super helpful in creating a positive vibe around homework. This will encourage your kids to complete work on time and also give them something to look forward to once the hard work has been done. Some great example of homework reward charts can be found on Pinterest – the reward chart can be added to your child’s notice board.