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Creating The Perfect Study Space For Kids

May 11, 2020

As most of our kids are now at home, keeping them productive and motivated can be incredibly difficult. Creating the perfect study space can be a good way to encourage them to learn, although school has been cancelled the ability to learn hasn't. A designated study space will give your little one their own working environment where they can read books, practice their math skills and develop their writing.

To get your kids interested in their perfect study space, you will need to make it appealing and comfortable. Make it personal to them.  Knowing exactly what makes the perfect study space is not easy, but don't worry, because we've lined up our top tips.

Choose The Right RoomPretty girls work space

All kids learn differently, some prefer absolute quiet. Whilst others need some sort of noise to be able to concentrate.

If your little one prefers to study in silence, with no interuptions, it is a good idea to put their desk or study space in their bedroom. This will give them the privacy and solitude they need to learn.

For some others, they struggle to concentrate when everything is completely quiet. If this sounds like your little one, it may be a good idea to designate a corner in a room that is always in use - such as a dining room, family room or living room. Though, try not to have too many distractions surrounding them.

Rather than having the television on in the background, put on some classical music or nature sounds, both of which have been proven to boost productivity and inspiration.

Pick A Comfortable Desk Doing homework

We know that going out furniture shopping isn't easy at the moment. But, don't worry, because here at Childrens Bed Centres we are still operating like normal.

Our wide range of beautiful, durable desks would be the perfect option for your little ones home study space. They come in different sizes and colours so they are perfect for any age, gender or environment.

Pair this with a cushioned chair that has good back support. It is important that your child is able to sit comfortably for elongated periods of time, as if their body starts to ache they will get distracted. Work surfaces should be about the waste height when they sit down, and their elbows should rest on the edge without them having to hunch their shoulders.

Position your kids desk up against a wall, and put pictures or posters up for them to look at when they need inspiration. It is a good idea to put pictures up of something or someone they love, or who inspires them - like their pet or  a favourite grandparent!

Good LightingDesk Lamp

Good lighting can make or break study time. If it is possible, as ambient light is always prefered, position your kids desk in line with the window so a nice stream of sunlight will carry through. If this is not possible with the way your room is laid out, then perhaps consider an overhead or desk lamp.

Desk lamps are great at proving a soft, warm and calming light. It is important that if you use non-ambient light for your kids study space, that it is relaxing and natural. It should appear like a stream of sunlight even though it is artificial.

Personalisation is keyCute storage

The finishing bits and bobs are what make your kids study space perfect. Make sure you have that all important stationary, like pens, pencils, highlighters, rulers and rubbers!

Add a bit of their personality through their accessories too. So, if you have a little princess who loves all things pink, place all of her pens in a cute little pen pot. If you have a little prince, find something that reflects their ambitions - like a Football pen pot. Or, get them to make their own - out of lego, perhaps?

Attach a pin board to the wall - this will allow your little one to pin up memos for all those important jobs that they need to do!

With our kids living in a time of anxiety and uncertainty, it is important that we carry on like normal for as long as we possibly can. Creating the perfect study space will give them a sense of normality and it will help them keep to their routine.