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Football Superstars

June 22, 2018

With the world cup well under way and England having made it the quarter finals, it's understandable that the country is getting excited!

The quarter final on Saturday looks set to be another interesting game, and will surely have the nation excited. There is something about the world cup that certainly brings the country together as one - whether that be spending time with family to watch the game, heading down to the local or simply watching the game in the peace and quiet of your own home. The sense of sportsmanship seems to wash across the nation bringing people from far and wide together to cheer on their home team.

The little ones tend to enjoy this buzz too, especially the ones who are already football fanatics! We have a range of products that will keep up the excitement in your home, especially for the kids bedrooms.

Creating a Footballers Paradise  

A bedroom that would be fit for even the most superstar athletes will certainly encourage your little one to enjoy bedtime and creates them an excellent place to play.

Teamed with white netting, our kids tent beds provide the perfect place to play. Not only are our tent beds super durable, they can also provide ample storage space when they are not being used as a playground.

Choose a white tent bed to bring out the galaxy theme

Adding the white netting will create a mini indoor football net! Ideal for toddlers and smaller children, this bed will leave a place to sleep and a place to practice those important penalty shots.

Teamed with a soft ball, our children's tent beds are a want-to-be goalies dream, ideal for playing with friends. Your little ones class mates will sure to be envious!

Another item in our collection that will add to the football theme is our football wall peg, ideal for hanging pictures of your little ones favourite player or for hanging reminders and homework.

However you chose to decorate your kids bedroom with this theme, it is sure to bring some excitement and create a buzz about one of the biggest football events in the world!

If you have any ideas on how to create a fun and exciting bedroom for your little one, get in touch! We would love to hear your ideas.

Ps. Come on England!