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Fun Summer Family Activities

July 1, 2019

Can you believe that it is the 1st July already? It's hard to believe that the year is passing by so quickly.

As we head in to the swing of summer and everyone is getting ready for the kids having time off, it can be hard to think of things to do with them and how to pass the time effectively.

We have a few ideas that will help you to not get sucked into the boredom wormhole this summer!

Top 5 Tips to Get Rid of the Boredom this Summer

  1. Let the Garden Grow
    In summer, the most obvious thing to do is spend time in the garden! Fingers crossed that we have a glorious sun filled summer in the UK this year, if so it's perfect gardening weather. Get the kids involved in the gardening, whether that be simply watering the plants or planting seeds.
    Tending to a garden and teaching children how to care for plants can teach some valuable life lessons about perseverance. Why not have a sun flower growing competition with siblings or other family members? A competition is a sure fire way to keep the kids interested.
  2. Dino Archaeology
    This tip couldn't be more simple. It's also a great way to add some sensory fun into playtime. One tip that we love is getting some old plastic toys such as dinosaurs, bugs, or cars - placing them into some balloons, filling with water and freezing them. After freezing them overnight, place the frozen dino's into a tub and ask your little one to figure out a way to defrost the frozen dino's to help them escape. You can even place a tub of luke-warm water next to them to give them a helping hand.
  3.  Messy Paint Bombs
    This one is a great idea for a sunny day! Place a large white sheet in to the garden and put on some old clothes. Fill balloons up with non-toxic paint, tie them up and away you go. Pop, splat or throw the balloons down on to the sheet to create some really cool art. It's tons of fun and also a great way to get creative.
  4. Painted Rock Pets
    The old school way to get creative. We love this tip, it's also great for a rainy day! If you are heading to the beach, collect pebbles or shells along the way to bring home. This is a great team activity, paint faces or animals on to the pebbles with your little one, add googly eyes or fake wool hair to create a super realistic pet rock. Get a little more abstract with the shells and add glitter or paint rainbows to make beautiful decorations for planters in the garden.
  5. Dens & Tents Galore 
    Another great tip for a rainy day is to create a secret den for your little one to play with their toys or to enjoy a space to watch a film. If you have one of our Tent Beds, this already creates a really cool base! Add a sheet or netting to the space below to create a hidden area under the bed, add bean bags or cushions to make it comfy and voila, you have a den!
    Choose a white tent bed to bring out the galaxy theme
    Do you have any other tips for fun to things to do with the kids over Summer?Get in touch and let us know we would love to share your ideas!