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Getting Ready for Big School

August 24, 2018

The first day of primary school can be a scary processes for both you and your little one. It is also a time to cherish, the inevitable thought that your baby isn't quite a baby anymore is certainly a daunting time for any parent!

We understand the transition from toddler to older child and starting school can sometimes be a little difficult, its important to make the transition simple. Making things a bit more "grown-up" at home, including your children's bedroom can make everything seem like a much more exciting process.

Swap the Toddler Bed

A toddler bed is great for the transition from a cot, however a toddler bed is certainly a bed built for smaller builds and is not necessarily a bed that your child can grow into. Although CBC toddler beds are available in a range of widths and lengths to accommodate the needs of your childs bedroom it still may be a good idea to spruce things up a little bit and purchase a bed that will accommodate your little one for years to come.

As your child gets older they will of course accumulate more belongings,  may that be toys clothes or school supplies they're still going to need a lot of space to store everything! If you are short for space in your girl or boys bedroom it may be a good idea to think about how you can maximise storage space.  A bed that utilities a super comfy space to sleep as well as being able to create a lot of storage space is our fantastic storage beds and captains beds. Available in a range of colours and sizes our storage bed has 2 large cupboards and 2 drawers ideal for storing items in a bedroom that is in need of extra space. The storage bed is sure to make your little one feel more grown up as they transition to big school - a ladder can be supplied should the height of this bed be an issue. The captains bed includes 4 deep set drawers and 2 large cupboards, your little one is sure to love the height on this bed plus the captains bed has enough space to store plenty of clothes!

Think about how you can store items off the floor, storing items higher will reduce clutter surrounding the bed. A hanging organiser would be great to store school supplies such as calculators, pens and pencils, this can be hung on the back of a door for easy access. Another great idea is hanging a laundry bag in a corner of the room eliminating the risk of dirty clothes laying around.

Decorate your Childs Bedroom with their Input

It's important to ensure that the decor of your childs bedroom is versatile and isn't too "childlike" - it may be a good idea to get your little one involved in picking out the decor so that they feel involved and you can gather an idea of what your little one does and doesn't like. Items that are practical are also great for adding in your childs bedroom such as Money and Keepsake boxes, memo boards and organisers.

Do you have any ideas on how to make the big school transition easier? Get in touch, we would love to hear your ideas.