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Guide to Buying Children’s Bedroom Furnishings

March 20, 2013

Here at Childrens Bed Centres we know that once you have chosen the ideal bed for your son or daughter, you’ll need kids bedding and other furnishings to make their new room complete.

Here's what you need to think about:

1) Wide Choice

You'll want to have a wide choice of children’s bedding and furnishings

In different themes and styles, so that no matter what décor you have in the room, you will find suitable items to co-ordinate nicely.  Older children will want cool, funky designs, whereas younger children may favour themes such as football, fairies, pirates, tea party, cars or flowers.

2) Co-ordination

If you would like the bedding, curtains, cushions, clocks, bookends and other kids bedroom furnishings items to match or co-ordinate, make sure you look for a supplier who stocks all the items you require.  Buying the items from who you purchase the children’s furniture from will ensure it arrives at the same time, but this of course is not essential.  Sometimes it’s nice to decorate the room with furnishings over time, as a nice activity to do with your child.

3) Good Quality

Make sure the children’s bedroom furnishings and bedding especially, that you purchase is good quality.  There is nothing wrong with duvet covers with some polyester, but all polyester could irritate the skin and of course pure cotton is best.

Bedroom furnishings such as clocks, wooden calendars and bookends should be robust enough to be used by children as they grow and not be flimsy or fragile.

4) Safety Standards

The children’s bedding and bedroom furnishings you choose will need to meet the relevant safety standards, so that you can be sure that the bedding meets fire standards, the paint used isn’t dangerous, and that there are no sharp edges or small parts.  All Childrens Bed Centres bedding and bedroom furnishings are sourced from approved, responsible suppliers who conform to safety standards.

5) Suitability

Childrens Bed Centres kids beds come in different sizes, so when considering children’s bedding such as mattress protectors, fitted sheets, duvets, pillows and bed linen – make sure you find the correct size for your child’s bed.  Also consider the time of year and how warm your house is before deciding on the tog rating of duvets.

It’s important also to consider requirements specific to your child.  For example, if they suffer from eczema or are prone to allergies consider an anti-allergy mattress protector, duvet & pillows, and stick to pure cotton bed linen.  If you are worried about ‘little accidents’ consider a waterproof mattress protector to safeguard you investment in you kids mattress.

In terms of bedroom furnishings, make sure you consider the recommended age of products that will be used by your children including decorative items like bookends, wooden calendars, cushions etc.

6) Ease of Use

Bedroom furnishings that get used every day needs to be easy for your children to use.  Money boxes, memo boards, peg rails and bookends on Childrens Bed Centres site are designed for use by children.  Make sure that peg rails and memo boards for example are positioned low enough for your children to reach to hang coats, dressing gowns, pictures and timetables etc.

7) Grows with your Children

It's important to remember that the styles, themes or colours that your children like now might not be so popular with them in the future.  Simple and chic designs may be enjoyed by children for a little longer.  Try to buy with longevity in mind and consider whether the items could be passed on to a younger sibling when your child grows out of them.

8) Long Lasting

You'll need to make sure that you don’t need to replace your children's bedding and bedroom furnishings too soon as they grow up and their needs change.  Consider the size of items you buy carefully, so that  they last as long as possible.  Childrens Bed Centres have carefully sourced suppliers to ensure that our range of bedding and bedroom furnishings will match our furniture in quality and durability.  If items are treated with care they should last so that they can be passed on to other family members or friends as your child grows out of them.

9) Delivery

No one likes paying extra for delivery, so at Childrens Bed Centres we apply no postage on to the price of our quality kids bedding and furnishings.  This applies whether you would like delivery of children’s bedding and bedroom furnishings with your kids furniture or are buying them separately.

10) Value for Money

Value for money is extremely important, especially in the current economic climate.  You'll be looking for value for money from your child’s bedding and bedroom furnishings and whilst you may be tempted to buy cheap items, it can sometimes be a false economy, as items won't last as long, be as comfortable or as durable.  Children spend a lot of time in their beds, so especially in the case of mattresses, mattress protectors, pillow and duvets, make sure you buy the right quality for your child, to ensure uninterrupted nights for years to come.


Childrens Bed Centres Guide to Buying Kids Bedroom Furnishings

The right children's bedding and bedroom furnishings will make your child's bedroom complete, so you will want to make sure you have made the right choice. Childrens Bed Centres has put together a list of points to consider when choosing the bedding and furnishings for your son or daughter.


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