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Guide to Buying Children’s Beds and Bedroom Furniture

January 31, 2013

Here at Childrens Bed Centres we know that if you're looking for kids beds and/or children's bedroom furniture, you'll want to make sure that you make the right choice so that your children have what they need, and you don’t make an expensive mistake!

Here's what you need to think about:

  1. Wide Choice

You'll want to have a wide choice of kids furniture in different designs and styles so that no matter whether you're looking for a kids cabin bed, a chest of drawers, a kids wardrobe or a desk, you can find something that will be perfect for you and your family.  We have plenty to choose from on our new website including four main colours; natural ash, white, pink and blue and size variations to fit large or small bedrooms, so you're bound to find what you're looking for.

  1. Good Quality

Your kids bedroom furniture needs to be good quality so that it doesn't fall apart when you put things in or on it.  Cupboards, shelves, and drawers will need to be smooth in operation so that they don't stick or are dangerous to small fingers.  The wood in our furniture is ash, which is aesthetically similar to pine but is a hardwood and therefore more robust.  The doors on our kids cabin beds, children’s wardrobes and other furniture are hung using full length piano hinges – so no more problems with doors hanging off.  Also, all of our children’s beds have solid bed bases – so no more broken slats!

  1. Safety Standards

The children’s bedroom furniture you choose will need to meet the relevant safety standards so that you can be sure that the paint used is suitable, and that there are no sharp edges or exposed screws.  All Children's Bed Centres furniture has been designed to comply with all relevant British and European safety standards.

  1. Suitability

You'll need to determine what the furniture will be used for, so that you get the right size and style.  Instead of compromising or doing without due to having a small room or unusual space, you could opt for a kids cabin bed which has storage built-in, or a study unit which incorporates a bed, desk, wardrobe and optional chest of drawers, all in the space of a single bed!  If you want a kids desk but can’t fit one in, consider a captains bed with a pull out tray which can be used as a working surface, but can also be pushed away when not in use.  There are many practical designs on the Childrens Bed Centres website which will help you design the perfect bedroom for your son or daughter.

  1. Ease of Use

A bed or desk that gets used every day needs to be easy for your children to use.  All of the drawers in our kids cabin beds or children’s chests of drawers are set on metal easy glide runners, so they are simple to move in and out.  Doors on our children’s wardrobes and bedside cabinets have magnetic catches to keep them closed and the simple pine handles on all the furniture are sized for both small and large hands.

  1. Grows with your Children

It's important to remember that the styles or colours that your children like now might not be so popular with them in the future. The girl’s four poster princess bed might be just what your toddler wants and will last for many years, but may not be ideal for a teenage girl.  Childrens Bed Centres offer alternate headboard and footboards for kids four poster beds, which can be purchased in the future.  Toddler beds can be converted into Bunk Beds when your little one gets older and starts to have friends to stay.  All Childrens Bed Centres kids beds can be slept on by children and adults so there’s no expiration date on how long our kids beds can be used for.

  1. Long Lasting

You'll need to make sure that you don’t need to replace your children's bedroom furniture too soon as they grow up and their needs change.  Childrens Bed Centres furniture is designed to last.  Of course in time every child grows up and wants to change to a teenage bed such as a study unit, and eventually wants a double bed like mum & dad.  Although your children might want to change after 5, 10, 15 years; if looked after, our kids beds could last a lifetime.  We have customers who frequently come back to us after 10 years to buy a new bed for their now teenager and tell us that their original toddler bed or storage bed is still in fantastic order and often being passed on to younger siblings or family members.

  1. Delivery

Having your kids bed and children's bedroom furniture delivered means you don’t have to do any heavy lifting or struggle to fit items in a vehicle or hire a van to get your new kids furniture home.  Collecting items often seem like a good idea at the time, but we all know that having something delivered to your door and lifted into your child's bedroom by a trained team is much easier.

  1. Assembled for You

We fully understand how difficult it can be to get things done when your children are at home.  Despite best intentions, you're probably not going to be able to put a bed together when you're toddler is awake, and you can't do it in their room when they're sleeping.  Many parents work and weekends provide precious time as a family that you may not want to spend doing DIY!  We know this, and so all of our children's furniture comes ready assembled or is assembled for you in your home by our trained staff.  We do all the hard work, so you don’t have to.

  1. Value for Money

You'll be looking for value for money from your child’s bed and kids bedroom furniture.  Whilst you may be tempted to by a cheap bed or wardrobe, it can be a false economy as it probably won't last as long or be as robust as furniture made from solid wood.  Our furniture is practical, durable, attractive, available in a variety of sizes and colours and is assembled for you in your home.

Have a look through our site to find out more about our kids beds and children's bedroom furniture.  Or give our team a call on 0845 800 7772 (max 5p per min) or 01244 379747 and tell us what you're looking for.


This article is based on the personal experiences of families, research and our expertise in children’s furniture, in an effort to assist other parents with selecting suitable children's beds and furniture.  We are not healthcare professionals or sleep experts and make no guarantees that these methods will be suitable for your child.  For more articles related to children visit