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How To Help Bedtime Growing Pains

May 4, 2020

"Growing Pains" are common and harmless for children, specifically those under the age of 12. This being said, they can be very painful and could even cause children to wake up at night. But what exactly are growing pains and how do we help a little one suffering from them?

What Are Growing Pains? Girl lay in bed

Many people think of growing pains as bones aching because they're growing, in fact this has never actually been proven. Scientists believe it more likely that growing pains are simply just aches and cramps that have been brought on by jumping, climbing and running. Children who are more active tend to experience growing pains more often, which supports theories about growing pains just being discomfort due to exercise.

This being said, growing pains can be horrifying for children. They are often described as aching or throbbing that concentrates on the muscles. Some children may experience pain in one leg whilst others may experience it in both. Uncomfortable aching in the front of the thighs, in the calves or behind the knees are all common symptoms of growing pains.

Growing pains are most often experienced during the late evening and night time, which is why children tend to experience disrupted sleep. But, the good news is they tend not to be constant, they come and go like waves, usually when the child has been active during the day.

How Do I Treat Growing Pains? Girl with hot water bottle

Well, there is no cure for growing pains, every child has and will continue to experience them. But if your little one is suffering, there are small things that you can do to ease the pain, like give them paracetamol or ibuprofen.

It's a tale as old as time - heat cures all aches and pains. If your little one is really struggling with growing pains, have them place a hot water bottle over the afflicted area for a couple of hours before bed. This will help soothe the muscles, and hopefully make the aches more manageable - just make sure there is a cover on the hot water bottle, as you don't want to be treating burns as well!

You could also gently massage your child's legs, this will help to soothe the muscles and make them relax. And, if this doesn't work, encourage your little one to have a warm bath just before bed - just throw in some Radox so their muscles soak nicely.