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How to Work Navy Furniture into Kids Bedrooms

July 8, 2019

Decorating your child's bedroom can be a bit of a minefield. It can be hard to stick with a decor that will suit them as they grow. It's all well and good if your little one wants Spider Man stickers all over their bedroom walls, but will that still suit them when they're 16? Chances are, probably not. It may be best to opt for a simple decor, but allow for extra accessories that can be change around as they get older.

One colour scheme that we've noticed our customers choose for their boys/teenagers is navy blue. Navy blue bedroom furniture sets are ideal for creating a space that is versatile through out the years. The rich colour of navy provides a dark and sophisticated colour scheme that works well as a go to base for accessories and furniture.

Introducing Dark Hues into a Bedroom

Navy and blue colours can help aid restful sleep, blue is naturally a calming colour and works well as a base to build up layers in the room.

Introducing blue and navy in to your decorating scheme can be guided by a few key points based on the space you have to work with.

High Ceilings with Large Windows

Its no doubt that large windows let in tons of light, coupled with high ceilings large windows can make a space feel 10x bigger. If this is the case for you, you can dare to paint the walls in beautiful shades of navy an dark blue. Bare in mind to add modern accent tones such as pale grey and or pink to break the colour up and make it feel not as "boxed in".

Small Bedroom Spaces

In small bedrooms, such as box rooms or attic rooms it can be difficult to choose a colour scheme that will not make the space feel dark and cold. If you want to stick with blue or navy as your base for furniture, it's a good idea to have two opposing  accent walls in a lighter colour such as duck egg blue or white. Wallpaper with a light background and blue or navy patterns will also work well when you want to bring navy furniture together. Neutral and cool colours are great in boys rooms, they look modern and on trend but will work well when adding personalisation and dark furniture.

Build Layers of Colour when Opting for Navy Furniture

When opting for dark furniture, it's important to add layers and textures to a room so that the colour can be broken up and not take away from any natural light.

Building layers is particularly important when it comes to bedding, building textures such as faux fur, cushions and throws in neutral and blush tones can help to breakdown the harsh hues of navy. As well as bedding, rugs and wall hangings can help to keep the bedroom fresh and simple.

A Rang of Navy Bedroom Furniture Available at Children's Bed Centres

Here at Children's Bed Centres we love Navy Furniture! Over recent months we have put together four exclusive collections of new bedroom furniture items that are perfect for children and adults of all ages. With in our new ranges we have incorporated a host of navy bedroom furniture items that will add sophistication and style to a bedroom. Each range has an individual style, and all are available in navy (plus other colours should you wish to change up your decor!)

Navy Cabin Beds

Our kids cabin beds have been designed high enough to create extra drawers and/or cupboard space, whilst also creating a fantastic playground for kids . The extra height on this stunning bed is loved by kids, especially when combined with the ladder to climb. We understand the need for safety, especially if this is a step up from a toddler bed, all of our Cabin beds are supplied with safety panels and safety wings to provide extra reassurance at bed time.

All of our cabin beds come in a variety of sizes to suit different room sizes and specific needs. Our Boys and Girls Cabin Bed are available in navy. If you need more places for storage and are looking for a solution that saves space, then investing in one of our practical cabin beds is the ideal solution for you. We understand that creating a cosy and comfortable bed room environment is important when encouraging children to sleep well and relax at bedtime. Our cabin beds are sure to create a beautiful centre piece for your child’s bedroom.

Navy Storage Beds

When trying to find furniture for a smaller than average room, it can be tough to find items that have the function to save space and also add some style. Our CBC Storage Bed will provide plenty of space for storage, whilst also creating a beautiful centre piece in any bedroom. Ideal for smaller spaces, attic rooms and box rooms this bed has ample storage capability. This stunning bed is made to order by our experienced crafts men here in the UK – using only the highest quality of products this bed is robust enough to with stand to rigours of childhood and the years beyond.

This bed is available in navy for ideal for both girls and boys bedrooms.  We have carefully designed our beds to ensure that every part of it has a purpose; underneath the bed base are either 2 deep set cupboards and 2-6 easy-glide drawers to provide extra storage space.

Navy Wardrobes

Choosing quality products is essential when decorating your child’s room, we understand that you need stylish yet practical products to suit your kid’s needs. Wardrobes are a great choice for providing a huge amount of storage in one single piece of furniture. We have a great range of styles and sizes to suit any bedroom.

It is unfortunate that there is furniture on the market today which is badly designed and poorly constructed. Meaning that you lose out on value for money and may have to buy another item a few years down the line. Our wardrobes have attributes such as full length hinges, tongues and groove sides ensuring that our wardrobes will not easily fall apart.

Navy Sideboards and Chest of Drawers

Here at CBC we understand that the little ones wardrobe can sometimes reach full capacity. We have a range of Chest of Drawers and sideboard units to add the perfect amount of extra storage to any room. So you can be assured that our Kids Chest of Drawers will endure even the largest of clothes collections.

All of the Chests of Drawers and side boards in our range are manufactured with daily family life in mind. Made with care and precision the drawers and outer structure are made from Ash Hardwood and Ash Veneer ensuring that our kids drawers are as resilient as they can be against scuffs and scratches. Not only are all of the drawers in the range set on easy to glide runners ensuring easy access, the top of the unit can also create a perfect space to display books, trophies or pictures.