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Inspiring Kids Playroom Ideas

May 8, 2020

Playrooms should be a place for the imagination to run wild and free. So, the more creative and colourful the playroom, the better. This is a place where your little ones are going to learn, grow and develop a little personality - so, it should be a cosy room that sparks every ember of their imagination.

When planning your playroom, get your little ones involved in the decorating and furnishing of the space. This will make them feel a sense of accomplishment and ownership - they will also be able to put their own personal twist on the decor, so it truly represents their unique quirks and taste. To help you with designing your playroom, we have lined up some inspiring playroom ideas...

Choose A Theme Baby boy bedroom

Choose a theme that truly showcases your little ones personality - if they are a lover of animals, why not have a safari themed playroom? If they are a little princess in the making, have a playroom fit for royalty!

Once you have decided on your theme, source your decor and soft furnishings. You want all of your decor to be easy to replace, as chances are your little one will grow out of their current obsession and be into something completely different within a couple of years. So, if you're thinking of painting animal murals on the wall, while this is lovely, save yourself the time and invest in some stickers - so you feel less horrified when they are painted over.

Build A Den Playroom

Children love nothing more than building a den! We all created one when we were young, it's a tradition passed down through generations! But, having somewhere set up in the corner of the playroom, a place where your little ones imagination can take over and become anything - is important.

You can buy childrens tents online at a good price, pair this with a soft and cosy rug and you have your very own den! Alternatively, you and your little one could create your own. Get 6 pieces of wood for the frame of the tent, and an old bed sheet or curtain for the material - crafting your own den will keep you and your little ones entertained for hours and will give you lasting memories!

A Blackboard CupboardBlackboard wall

Children love to draw, on walls especially! Save yourself the time and effort of having to wipe felt pens off your walls by adding in a blackboard wall or cupboard. This will give your little one a space to let their creativity run wild while causing no damage to the walls.

You could have a whiteboard instead of a blackboard, especially if you object to having chalk dust everywhere - but then you run the risk of having to clean marker pen off your nice clean walls!

Create A Dressing Up CornerDress up corner

Does your little one love to dress up? Whether they prefer to be a princess or a pirate, having their dress up outfits out on display will inspire creativity!

Dressing up boxes and storage chests are useful for storing your little ones dress up outfits - but why not use a hanging rail instead? Attach it to the wall and hang all of their dresses, superhero suits and outfits on cute hangers. But, make sure the hanging rail is low enough for them to reach, of course!

If you're feeling extra creative and inspired to do a bit of DIY, you could even create your own wooden hanging rail. If you have some old wooden materials, like a bookcase, lying around the house, upcycle them by removing the compartments and putting a hanging rail on the inside.

Add A Cosy Reading Nook Cosy reading nook

Reading is a vital part of your child's development, it not only entertains them but informs and educates them. Which means that having a cosy, reachable space for your little one to read is important - but more than this, you want them to want to read in their cosy space.

Attach a bookshelf to the wall, though make sure it is low enough for your little one to reach - or have them free standing, whatever is easier for your child! Fill the bookshelf with all of your little ones favourites - picture books, classic tales, educational books and whatever they like to read.

Once you have your bookshelf and your books - you need the all important beanbag. You can use alternative seating, like a bench, but a beanbag is a favourite amongst children! Add in some cosy cushions that go with the theme of the room and some furry friends too!