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Keeping Cool in the Heatwave

July 25, 2019

As temperatures in the UK reach over 30 degrees, it's safe to say we are feeling the heat!

Although lovely for days out and enjoying time in the garden, prolonged temperatures can make your home warmer than usual, leaving the little ones feeling flustered and uncomfortable.

There are plenty of ways you can help to keep your kids cool that don't have to be bog standard and boring. Here is a couple tips to help keep your children cool in the sun:

Fun Water Activities

There is nothing better than getting the paddling pool out and enjoying the sun whilst splashing around in cool water. A paddling pool is great for the whole family, including Mum and Dad! Make the pool a little more exciting by adding bath toys and games.

Turn water play into an exciting game by purchasing some water pistols, playing against family and friends will make hot days a little more action packed, whilst also creating a good cool down with the cold water.

Frozen Treats

Another way to cool down in this scorching weather (our personal favourite!) is muching on Ice creams and Icepops as an afternoon snack!

Not only are these snacks super cool, but really tasty too! Making healthy cold snacks for your little one couldn't be easier, purchase some ice lolly moulds and add your kids favourite sugar free juice, or freeze up some fruit with water to create a tasty yet healthy snack that your little one will love.

Play Time

Another great idea to keep your little one entertained, is freezing toy dinosaurs, toy bugs or toy cars in a shallow tray with water. Your little one can then chip away at the ice and dig out the toys, just like an ice age archaeologist!

Keeping Cool at Night

Getting your little one to sleep at night when they are hot and restless can be a struggle, however choosing the right bedding can certainly help.

When deciding on a duvet for your child it's important to note that child's a duvet, should be no more than 10.5 tog. When children sleep, their body temperature is naturally higher - therefore a higher tog would be too warm. For younger children the recommended tog rating is lower, at 4.5 tog. Specialist blankets and cot quilts should be bought for children under 12 months old.

10.5 tog should warm enough in winter for your little one, however this tog is great for providing a little extra comfort in the summer. Another idea, would be to let your little one sleep with just a thin sheet or quilt.

CBC provide a range of luxury Fogarty duvets ideal for children. This range also includes a perfect Anti Allergy range of duvets and pillows, and a Boston Kids duvet and pillow set.  Find our range of duvets and pillows here. If you would like more information on these products get in touch with our friendly CBC team.

If you have any other tips for keeping your children cool in the summer,  please get in touch we would love to hear your ideas.