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Kid Proof Organising

January 14, 2018

Today is organise your home day! We know it’s not the best chore in the house, but getting organised and clearing out clutter can really make you feel liberated.

Organise your home day is the perfect chance to stop the procrastination and get down to some serious business of clearing away the mess before spring.

Half the battle of organisation is getting the little ones to participate. Whether that be the initial organisation overall, or simply getting them to put things back in the right place. Luckily, we have some super helpful tips and products to get your brood up to scratch on their organisation skills.

  1. Invest in dual use furniture

Never under estimate furniture that has 2 uses, the space that can be saved is extremely helpful. We have a range of kids beds that are not only are stylish and comfortable – but can provide you with ample storage space. Our Cabin Beds, Four Posters, Storage Beds and Captains Beds all have the options for drawers and cupboards underneath the bed base. This space can be utilised greatly to help you to get organised.

Place Pajamas in the top drawers – this will make it easier for your little ones to get ready for bed. Other items such as cuddly toys and bedtime stories can be stored away in the cupboards; this will leave room on any shelving space on the walls for other essentials. There’s even an option in the cupboards to add shelving so you can really up your organisation game.

Our kids cabin beds provide ample storage

  1. Make It easy

It’s easy to over complicate things when you start to drill down to the nitty gritty bits of organising. For kids – It’ll make things a whole lot easier if you keep things simple. Making a labeling boxes and drawers in their bedroom is a great way to help them to remember where everything goes, as well as colour coding areas of the bedroom. Categorise their things into easy to manage chunks, for example: Toys, Pants, T Shirts, Pajamas, Books etc.

  1. Make use of hanging organisers

Hanging pocket organisers are great for adding smaller items that would otherwise get forgotten about. Hanging these organisers on the back of your child’s bedroom door makes it easy for them to remember items as they leave for the day. Essentials such as pens, hair brushes and money etc can be easily stored in the pockets of the organiser making it easier for kids to remember everything they need.

We have great range of hanging organisers on sale at the moment, each with a different style to match a range of decors for boy and girls

Ships Organiser

Our colourful organisers are great for storing small items neatly.

Organising doesn’t have to be boring! Making games out of sorting items can encourage kids to help you and hopefully create a lifelong love of organising and chores! (Ok, we may not be 100% that would be true! But it sure might help to keep the motivation going…)

Happy Organising!