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Maintaining your Children’s Beds and Furniture

April 7, 2013


Whilst we have created products designed for children and with durability and practicality in mind and as parents, we encourage our children to take care of their things; it’s only natural that children are a little more boisterous and less cautious with furniture.  A general check over furniture and a bit of maintenance from time to time is a good idea to ensure your kids furniture is looked after.

We offer a 24 month guarantee on furniture, but our products will last for 15-20 years or possibly even longer if looked after properly, although the odd fitting might need replacing after several years.


General checks:

-          Check all screws and bolts are tight and not loose.  (Replacement fittings are available via our website if they have lost their shine after a few years, or are lost during a move, for example)

-          Check all magnets are aligned and working (Replacement magnets are available via our website)

-          Check all knobs/handles are fixed and not loose (Replacement knobs/handles are available via our website)

-          Check all drawer runners are free from obstruction, running smoothly and not sticking.   A small amount of oil based lubricant such as WD40 can be used on the wheels if they begin to stick.

-          Check for any knocks or scratches which may have caused unsmooth edges.  For ideas on how to deal with knocks and scratches, see our top tips below.


White Furniture Top Tip:

We use a hard white paint for the furniture to make it as robust as possible to protect against knocks and scrapes but naturally, white furniture is going to show up marks more that natural ash or coloured furniture.   Our top tip is if you get a very small knock or chip in your furniture - try a dab of tip-ex to cover the mark!


Blue and Pink Furniture Top Tip:

The insides of panels on our coloured kids beds and bedroom furniture are laminate covered and therefore designed to be wiped clean time and time again.  Felt tip and crayon for example should come off the colour easily with standard soap and water.   The blue and pink beds and furniture in our range is the most hard-wearing when it comes to marks.  For the wooden parts of the pink and blue beds and furniture, check out the tip below.


Natural Ash Furniture Top Tip:

Our natural ash furniture is finished in clear low odour enviro-lacquer which is hard-wearing against scrapes and knocks.  If you do happen to get a really harsh scrape in your kids furniture, natural beeswax can often reduce the mark – and sometimes hide it completely so you can’t see it at all!


For information on cleaning Childrens Bed Centres Kids Beds and furniture view the following article: Cleaning Your Children's Beds and Furniture