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Making the Best Bedroom Environment for Sleep

August 22, 2018

A bedroom is a place that should enable you to relax and wind down into a deep and comfortable sleep. No body wants to feel unrest when waking up in a morning, especially not your little ones!

However, the smallest changes to a bedroom environment can affect sleep and effect how well rested we are.

Duvets and Pillows

Suitable pillows and duvets are the 1st step in ensuring you have a comfortable nights sleep. Its important to realise how your child sleeps and ensure that you buy the correct pillows/duvets based on this. For example, if your little one sleeps on the side a firmer pillow may be needed to make them more comfortable.

Here at CBC we supply only the highest quality of bedding. Our range is from luxury bedding brand Fogarty. We have a range of pillows from Anti Allergy Pillows to our Eternally Soft Fogarty pillows. Both pillows are ideal for customising the sleeping environment for your child.

Don't Under Estimate a Quality Mattresses

Like pillows and duvets, a mattress is essential to providing support when sleeping. Mattresses should be changed every 7-8 years and flipped over every so often to ensure that there is no sag on a regular sleeping position. If the mattresses you've purchased for your child is a little too firm, you could consider a quilted mattress protector. As well as supplying a range of anti allergy and waterproof mattress protectors, we also supply 2 wonderful ranges of a mattresses. We have carefully selected our mattresses to ensure quality and durability in a family environment, we provide a standard and deluxe mattress in a range of sizes. Smaller size mattresses are available should you need a mattresses for a shorty bed, or a bed that is smaller to accommodate a smaller room or box room.

Lighting and Electronics

In the age of smart phones and tablets its easy to get distracted at bedtime - help your little one get in to the habit of winding down at bedtime with story book or listening to music instead. It's also a good idea to cover up any electronics whilst sleeping to help with the distraction. Low bedside lighting can also help if your little one is warey of the dark.