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Making the Most of Family Time in Winter

January 10, 2018

What reminds you of Winter? Whether it be warm open fires, big comfy jumpers or even snuggling down inside to watch a good film. For many of us, there’s one thing that ties all of our favourite winter activities together – Family Time.

During the year it can be difficult to round up the brood– whether some family members are away for work, at university or wondering the world travelling. Winter is a time where all hearts come home – for the little ones this can be super exciting, as Brothers, Sisters, Aunts and Uncles all collectively gather around for some much needed family time.

Making memories is important for little ones – it’s good to cherish family time whilst they’re still young.

Family Activities that will be cherished for a lifetime

Making sure there are lots of activities to join in with during winter can create fabulous memories. Many activities can be shared with other family members too. Here’s a few ideas for you and your youngest to try:

Baking: Baking cookies, cakes or other goodies is a sure fire way to keep kids busy whilst it’s cold outside. Not only are these a great treat – they can also be shared with other family members. Many recipes can be found online, or to encourage your child to take an interest in baking there are a range of kids recipe books online that can be bought as a gifts.

Play Board games: This one may seem a little old school - but what better way to bring the family together than playing a classic game? There’s no better way to spend a cold winters evening snuggled up by the fire playing monopoly!

Start Scrapbooking: If there’s one way to keep memories alive is looking back at scrap books. Sticking items such as tickets from days out, pictures and leaflets is a great way to actively remember those precious family moments. This is also a great way for your kids to reflect back on their day and think about all the brilliant things they have learnt.

Snuggle Down in Bed with a Good Book: Nothing beats getting in to bed after a cold winters day. Grab your child’s favourite bed time story and snuggle up and get warm whilst you’re reading to them. This is a great way to spend some quality time together, and also staying super cosey!

Do you have tips and tricks for making the most of family times with you little ones in Winter? Get in touch and share your ideas with us!