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How to Maximise the Space in a Child's Bedroom

December 15, 2017

Struggling to find space for the flood of new toys and gifts from Christmas in your child’s bedroom? We know the struggle. However, fear not! We have some super helpful tips that can help you to maximise the space in your child’s bedroom whilst also maintaining style and practicality.

First on the list, do you have the right furniture for the space available?

It can be a struggle when you have a smaller than average bedroom with a tight space, or have a room that is relatively large but has an awkward shape with features that you have to work around. The best way to get around this is to buy furniture that has a dual purpose. A Storage bed or Cabin bed will add extra storage, providing drawers and cupboards underneath the bed base. These beds save a huge amount of space whilst also providing a comfortable and exciting place to sleep. All beds made by CBC can be made with extra shelving inside the bed cupboards to really maximise the space available

De-clutter the floor space

One thing that can really make a room look cluttered is items scattered on the floor. To make sure that the floor stays as clear as possible it may be a good idea to invest in some wall shelving. By placing items on shelves off the floor, this will leave plenty of floor space for larger furniture essentials such as beds, lamps, chest of drawers or desks. If you need something a little smaller than a set of shelves, another idea may be to hang some netted laundry baskets to the ceiling to create a space perfect for storing cuddly toys and blankets.

Make clearing up mess fun

Half the battle of making storage space work is getting children to put everything away in the right place! Making storage items and spaces a little more interesting can encourage children to find what they need and put it away correctly. Colourful clothes pegs hung on doors can make it easy for children to organise their clothes, alternatively laundry bags with their favourite theme can encourage kids to tidy up dirty clothes. Hanging organisers are also perfect for smaller items such as school essentials or hair ties and brushes – hanging the organisers by the bedroom door can help your child to remember to take items out with them as they leave for the day.

Have you picked up any other tricks and tips for saving storage space in your child’s room? Get in touch and share your ideas.