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Something for your Little Star Gazers

January 4, 2018

As some of you may have heard over the past couple of days, every year around the 3rd of January the Earth is closest to the Sun. This astronomical phenomenon is known as Perihelion, vice versa the Earth is farthest from the Sun in July. The difference from the Earths farthest point in July and the closest point in January is around 3.1 million miles! That's a pretty long way to go isn't it?! When Earth is closest to the Sun, it will be winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere.

Luckily your little star gazers don't have to travel as far as 3.1 million miles to feel like they are viewing an astronomical phenomenon. They can feel like a real space cadet from the comfort of their very own bedroom! Creating a cosmic themed bedroom couldn't be easier with our range of space themed bedroom furnishings.

Getting Cosmic - 3 Top Tips to Creating a Galaxy themed Bedroom

1. Get the canvas right

It couldn't be easier to transform your little ones room. Start by choosing a galaxy themed canvas for the walls of the bedroom. Think Purples, Greens, and Blacks, and of course lots of stars! Buy paint from your local DIY store and get creative by painting a swirl of colours on the wall, you could even get your little one involved – to add a real personal stamp to their bedroom. Adding stars couldn’t be easier, you can either dot them on to the wall in white paint with a small paint brush – or alternatively buy sparkly gems and stick them to the wall. If getting creative seems like hassle – have a look in local DIY stores, with galaxy themes being bang on trend this year there are sure to be stencils or galaxy wallpaper that you can paste directly onto the wall.

Creating a Galaxy Themed Bedroom

2. Don’t forget about practicality

Once you have the walls ready – it’s time to think about the furniture! Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in creating the theme and easy to forget about practicality. Here at CBC we provide beds that are both stylish yet super practical. All of our beds are available in various finishes – our white and blue finished beds would be perfect for a cosmic themed bedroom. Our tent beds are idea for creating a playful centre piece, painted in white this bed would look perfect in front of a dark galaxy background. As well as being beautifully finished, many of our beds come with ample storage space for all of your little ones essentials. Our storage bed provides 2 extra drawers and 2 cupboards underneath the bed, our captain’s beds provide 4 drawers and 2 large cupboards. There’s no end to the practicality of our beds – each bed is designed as a space saver and to provide maximum storage capability.

Choose a white tent bed to bring out the galaxy theme

Our tent beds make a great centre piece to any bedrooms

3. Add the finishing touches

When all of the essentials are in place – it’s time to add the finishing touches! We provide a range of out of world accessories to match your little star gazers bedroom. Make sure their bedroom is free of unwanted extraterrestrials with our rocket door plaque, or help them to keep organised with our rocket coat peg. Your little star gazer is sure to feel right at home in their new bedroom

Rocket Themed Door HangerRocket Themed Clock

If you need any further help or advice on sprucing your little ones bedroom with furniture or furnishings – get in touch with one of our friendly CBC team for advice.