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The Best Bedtime for Toddlers

September 6, 2018

We all know that sleep is important, it helps us to live our daily lives, concentrate and have tons energy. Sleep is especially important for toddlers and children, it helps with development and helps to improve their overall health and well being.

Recommended Sleeping Times

According the NHS website the recommended sleep time for children varies by age. For a 2 year old the recommend sleeping hours during the day are 1 hour 30 minute and at night-time around 11 hours 30 minutes, this varies again for a 3 year old with the recommended sleep time being around a total of 11-12 hours.

Its important to ensure that your toddler is super comfortable at bedtime, and ensure that they are relaxed a few hours before bedtime to help them to become sleepy and fall asleep quicker.  Eliminate screens, smart phones and TVs from your toddlers bedroom and also ensure that they remain from using these devices and hour before bedtime to help them to wind down and relax. Other ways to help your toddler relax is a warm hot bath, reading a bedtime story together listen to some relaxing music.

Bedrooms should ideally be dark and cool at around 18 - 20C,  it would be best to block out as much light as possible from the bedroom by using black out or heavy curtains.

Ensure your toddler has a bed they will love

Our toddler beds are a great step up from a cot. They are in between captains beds and cabin beds in terms of height, and are relatively lower helping your little one to climb in and out of bed on their own. Our toddler beds are one of a kind, and are available in range of finishes including blue, pink, white and standard ash hardwood.

Our range of toddler beds have  3 full length drawers underneath, ideal for storing you children's necessities, such as toys, clothes or shoes. The extra storage space is sure to come in handy as your child grows.

To accommodate for different bedroom sizes our toddler beds are available in a range of widths and lengths to help you make the most of bedroom if it is smaller than average or one that is a box room.

As well as manufacturing durable toddler beds, captains beds, cabin beds and more we also supply a range of matching furniture ideal for providing extra storage space.