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Tips And Tricks For Maintaining A Tidy Home With Toddlers

April 30, 2020

Most parents give up all hope of ever having a tidy home once their little ones begin to walk and talk. But it's not all doom and gloom, there are small things we can do around the house while caring for our very own messy, mischief makers! Afterall, parents are multitaskers, it's a superpower! Take a look at some of our top tips and tricks for maintaining a tidy home with toddlers.

Make Your Bed As Soon As You Get UpUnmade Bed

Making the bed is the bane of everybody's life, especially for those who have young children. But, making your bed as soon as you get up will make you feel less stressed, it will be one less thing for you to worry about throughout the day.

If your little one is sleeping in their crib or toddler bed and are able, encourage them to make their bed in the morning too and reward them when they have done it - I hear toddlers love anything sweet!

Give Everything A Place

Kids (and adults) are more likely to keep their space clutter-free if they feel ownership over items. So, why not invest in some baskets or boxes for your little ones toys? - personalise them with embroidery or a sticker. This will give them ownership over their toys and will make them want to keep them safe and tidy - well, safe at least.

Throw The Washing On While They Eat

Once you have taken your little one downstairs and put on their favourite cartoon, give them their breakfast. While they eat, gather any dirty washing that you may have and throw it in the machine.

Once your little one is down for their nap, then you can get the washing out of the machine - or if you have a washer-dryer, just throw it on spin.

Try To Establish Playtime RulesBuilding Blocks

Now, this is a tricky one - getting a toddler to do anything is like trying to push a mountain over, it's impossible. But with a little discipline and persistence, it can be achieved.

Every time your little one takes out a new toy, tell them that they have to put the previous one away. If they refuse, keep going - they will get so fed up of you asking eventually that they will do it, and eventually it will become a routine.

Clean Up Properly When They Are Sleeping

It's hard to muster up the strength to keep going when you have been running around after a boisterous toddler all day. But, once they are down for a nap or tucked up in bed for the night, take some time to clean around the house. Do the dusting, the hoovering or the polishing - whatever needs to be done. Toys on floor

If you're looking to do a big spring clean, ask your partner or a family member to take the little one out for a while on the weekend. Even if it is just for a walk down the street - this will give you enough time to get stuff done in the house.