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Top Tips for Halloween Craft Ideas

October 30, 2018

It's that time of year again when mini ghosts, vampires, witches and ghouls come knocking on your door with hope for some sweets and candy. Yes, it's Halloween! For some Halloween is just another holiday, for others it can be an exciting time to celebrate all things ghoulish and scary.

Originating from the celtic festival Samhain  over the years Halloween has grown to be a big event on the calendar of much of the UK and America. For the little ones, it can be an exciting time especially when there is thoughts of getting sweets!

Here are a few ideas for crafty costumes and fun ideas leading up to Halloween:

Pumpkin Carving

A simple and original idea - pumpkin carving can be an exiting way to decorate the house. Make the event of pumpkin carving even more exciting for the little ones by making a day of it to pick and collect the pumpkins from a local farm. Bring them home and carve funny faces and scary beings out of them. Pop a candle in them to really make them stand out outside of your home.

Halloween House Decorations


Making the house decorative can make Halloween all the more exciting for the little ones. Adding decorative bunting around the house including the children's bedrooms can add a colourful presence. Get your kids to make the bunting them selves from paper card, tissue paper or even get creative and use other items around the home such as plastic cups or used yogurt pots.


There is nothing Toddlers love more than splashing around in paint. If you have the space, you can create fab paintings getting your toddler to use their feet or hands. Although this idea is not for the ticklish, painting the bottom of your toddlers feet white and pressing against black card creates a fab template for a scary little ghost. Decorate the ghost with eyes and a smiley face and pin up around the house for decoration.

Halloween Cookies

Who doesn't love a good excuse to bake? Halloween is the perfect time as there is plenty of fabulous flavours to play with. From pumpkin pies, to toffee apples! One easy recipe to make with your little one is Halloween shaped cookies, whether that be creepy crawly shaped or pumpkin shaped there are plenty of designs to choose from. Take a look a at the BBC's fab recipe for Halloween cookies here.