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Turn Your CBC Kids Wardrobe Into A Cozy Reading Nook In 5 Easy Steps!

July 27, 2020

Upcycled furniture has become a huge trend. It helps us to save the planet while also keeping our bank accounts looking healthy. You may think kids wardrobes are just for storing clothes and you're right - but, with a little creativity, we can make them so much more. In just five easy steps, you could transform your CBC kids wardrobe into a cozy reading nook - how? Don't worry, just follow our step by step guide.

We all learnt from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe that wardrobes can be far more enchanting than they first appear. So why does this only have to apply to fictional furniture items? It's well known that children are intrigued by small spaces, so why not give them a place only they can retreat to?

Step 1 - Remove Any Fixtures

The first step is to remove any fixtures or fittings from your CBC kids wardrobe. Take out any hanging rails or pigeon holes if you have them.

If your wardrobe has a shelf just up from the base of the wardrobe, keep it. You will need this later on.

Step 2 - Find Enchanting Wallpaper Upcycle kids wardrobe

When your little one reads a book, they are transported to a world they have never encountered before. So, this is how it should feel when they open the doors to their upcycled wardrobe.

Choose an enchanting wallpaper mural that is capable of transporting your little one someplace new. Someplace that they may encounter in their stories. It could be a woodland, a landmark, or a moral of an animal. Pick something that appeals to your little ones literary taste - if they're a lover of fairy tales, opt for a woodland, if they love animals, opt for an animal mural.

You could even paint the rest of the wardrobe as you may want to choose a colour that sticks with your chosen theme. Of course, do this if you think it necessary to achieve your little ones vision.

Step 3 - Put In Sturdy Seating Upcycle Kids Bedroom furniture

If you haven't already got a shelf in your kids wardrobe, you will need to put one in. But, make sure you use sturdy, long-lasting materials as this will have to hold the weight of your child. Hardwood is the best option. Place this approximately a quarter of the way up from the bottom. This shelf, when ready, will be your little ones bench.

Try to leave enough space at the bottom for book storage. This will allow your little one to keep all of their favourite titles close to hand.

It is important you do this only after you have filled the back of the wardrobe with a wallpaper mural. Doing this before could make the wallpaper process difficult.

Step 4 - Make A Comfortable Bench

If your little one is going to be sat for an elongated amount of time, reading their books, it is important that the nook is comfortable. If they were to just sit on wood, this would cause them discomfort.

So, create a comfortable seating area, either with foam if you can get your hands on some or you could even upcycle an old crib mattress if you have one handy. Cut this down to size if necessary.

Once you have your comfortable seating, wrap it in a material that fits with your overall enchanting theme. Think faux fur, stripes or geometric - whatever you think best. If you do not want to spend money buying a new fabric, upcycle an old bed sheet or an old dress.

Step 5 - Add The Finishing Touches Upcycled Kids Furniture

Once you have the structure sorted, it is time to accessorise! Place all of your little ones favourite books in the shelf below the bench. Either free standing, in drawers if you can craft them or in storage boxes - whatever option you would prefer.

Throw in some comfortable pillows that go with the overarching theme!

Don't forget to add in a reading lamp! To keep things enchanted, attach a battery powered lantern or night light to the top of the wardrobe. This will allow your little one to read easy without straining their eyes.

If necessary, get your little one a step to get up and down from the bench. The last thing you want is your child falling from their new, upcycled reading nook.