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Turning a Nursery into a Bedroom

April 4, 2018

For many parents who have a toddler, it can feel like only yesterday that you were bringing your little bundle of joy home. It can be a daunting prospect, not only for you but for your child too. There are many transitions that happen as your little one grows, teething, walking and talking. Another big transition is turning your little ones nursery into a exciting new grown-up bedroom.

Choosing the Right Bed

Here at CBC we design practical, affordable and stylish children's bedroom furniture. Our toddler beds are an ideal transition from a cot, they are low to the ground meaning that your child can easily get in and out of bed themselves. Our toddler beds are available with ample storage space underneath, ideal for storing extra necessities such as toys and clothes. When creating a bedroom for your child, it's important to create a stimulating environment. Our beds are available in various finishes, including pink, blue and white. If your child is a little older, another good transition maybe of our storage beds, ideal for bedrooms that are smaller that average this bed provides 2 drawers and 2 large cupboards to store items in.

Create a Stimulating Environment

Once you have chosen the right bed for your little one, the next thing to think about is decoration!  A stimulating environment is ideal for a child's bedroom, a bedroom that your child enjoys being in will certainly make things easier when it comes to bedtime. In terms of decor, calming pastels and lighter colours are ideal, lighter colours create a sense of calm and positive energy. Creating personalisation in your child's bedroom will also help them to really feel like the room is their own. Add finishing touches to the bedroom by adding bedroom furnishings, such as door plaques, wall stickers and keepsake boxes.