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What Is The Difference Between A Cabin Bed And A Captains Bed?

April 21, 2020

Looking for a new kids bed can be daunting. Especially as there are so many options, styles and variations out there. All parents want a kids bed that is practical, comfortable and adorable - of course! The Cabin and Captains beds are popular choices amongst our CBC customers, but determining the difference between the two is not always easy at first glance. That is why we have decided to keep you in the know, so you can make an informed decision on which bed is the perfect fit for your little one.

What Should I Consider When Purchasing A Kids Bed?

  • Appearance

Obviously, you want something that looks cute and represents your little ones personal quirks and taste. But make sure that the colour and style of the kids bed matches the furniture already in your little ones bedroom - unless you are buying a whole new set of furniture as well!

The bed is an important place for children. For the younger ones, it is a place for their imagination to run wild while for the older ones - the bed is a place to relax and unwind by reading or listening to music.

  • Storage

It's no secret that good storage is important for any kids bedroom! Our little ones have more toys, clothes and accessories than ever before - and they need somewhere to put it all. Having a cluttered bedroom is proven to induce anxiety in children, so it is always good to encourage the little ones to put their toys away neatly, and having a fun storage space for them to do this will make it so much easier.

A bed with built in storage is especially good for bedrooms that are on the smaller side, as they can substitute for other essential items of furniture like a chest of drawers.

  • Practicality

If possible, take a step back and look at your little ones bedroom without any furniture in the way. This will allow you to determine the size, shape and layout of the room, which will ultimately help you to determine what kind of bed you might need for your little girl or boy.

If your kids bedroom is small, you will want a bed that maximises storage. Though, you will want it to fit nicely in the room, so measuring up the space before you purchase your kids bed is always a good idea. You also want to make sure that doors will be easy to access when the bed is in the room as you do not want to block the exit in the event of a fire. If your kids room is quite airy and spacious, but you like the appearance of a mid-sleeper bed, then go for it - but a bit of extra storage will definitely do no harm!

  • Safety

With mid-sleeper and high-sleeper beds, safety is always an important issue. Kids tend to move around in the night and it can cause parents to stress and lose sleep worrying about their little ones falling out of bed. Cabin Beds and Captain Beds tend to come or have the option to come with safety panels or wings - this means that parents can rest easily knowing their little ones are safely tucked into bed.

The Cabin Bed Kids Cabin Bed White

The Cabin Bed is a great solution for smaller bedrooms! They're slightly bigger than single beds but tend to be a little lower than mid-sleepers.

These super cute kids beds can be used for children over the age of 4 and can last right up until adulthood.

The added bonus with this type of bed is the storage - here at CBC, our standard white Cabin Bed (though it is incredibly cute!) has three good sized drawers and two cupboards that can be used to store all your little ones prize possessions!

For the smaller ones who are prone to tossing and turning in the night you can add on additional safety items - like a safety panel or safety wings. A safety panel leaves a gap at the bottom of the bed for little ones to climb in and drift off easily, while the safety wings leave a gap in the middle of the bed. Our CBC ladders can also be added as a beautiful finishing touch.

Captains BedWhite Captains Bed

So, what is the difference between a Cabin Bed and a Captains Bed? The truth is, not very much. Though, the Captain's bed offers slightly more storage and fits well in smaller and bigger sized kids bedrooms - especially as they just look so cute!

The Captains Bed is classified as a mid-sleeper kids bed and comes with just that extra bit of storage. The Captain's bed has four drawers and two rather large cupboards built into the carcass. With our CBC Captain's bed there is an option for you to add shelves into the cupboards and pull out trays on either side - the pull out tray will allow you to transform your little ones Captain Bed into a desk or workstation - so, what's not to love?

The safety of your little ones is important to us, especially with a mid-sleeper bed. Safety wings or panels come with our Captain's Bed and the ladders are complimentary, ensuring your little ones climb into bed every night happy.

If you are thinking about purchasing one of our Cabin or Captain Beds but still have some questions - don't hesitate to contact us!