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Why Our Beds are So Robust

October 2, 2018

Unlike other kids bed on the market our beds are built to last, with many of our customers saying that the beds they buy from us last for generations.

We take pride in our work and every one of our beds are built carefully in our UK base manufacturing facility to ensure quality and durability. Each bed is made to order, using techniques that we have perfected over the years we can safely say that our beds don't wear easily.

Here's Why our Beds are So Robust

Reason 1: All of our bed have solid bed bases with ventilation holes rather than slats. Slats can be a bit of a nightmare, especially if the bed is being used by a boisterous toddler! As slats are typically thinner, this means that they can easily come out of place snap or break and in turn effect the way your little one sleeps on the mattresses. Using solid bases ensures that your little one gets a good nights sleep by not wearing easily, and creating plenty of ventilation for the mattress.

Reason 2: We use full length piano hinges on all doors, secure with screws. This means that the hinges don't wear or break easily as they would with cheaper alternatives on the market.

Reason 3: As well as the hinges on our beds and wardrobes, we also ensure that all drawers have dove tail joints. Dove tail joints are ideal for drawers as they ensure that the joints are more robust, which is great for bed drawers that are constantly being opened and closed. Typically joints are glued or screwed, using the dove tail method ensures that everything fits together tighter and ensures that they are strong.

Reason 4: Second to using dove tail joints on our drawers, we also ensure that they are ran on metal easy glide runners. Rather than using wood runners that can sometimes wear easily over time or break with heavy use, metal runners add much needed durability to drawers that will be used frequently.

Reason 5: We use only the highest quality of ash hardwood for all of our beds, which ensures longevity of our products.

If you would like to know more about our beds, please feel free to get in touch with our team.