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Think Blue for World Ocean Day

June 5, 2018

Friday 8th June is world Ocean Day!

World Ocean day is a global celebration with events all over the world celebrating our ocean.

Covering 71% of the Earths surface, the ocean is a large part of life and one that should be taken care of. This years theme for world ocean day is the prevention of plastic pollution,  here at CBC we think it's important to take care of the environment, and ensure that children are made aware of the impact of pollution so that they can continue to pass on the knowledge. Take a look at the World Ocean Day's website for some fabulous resources to pass on to your children to help them learn more about the importance of the ocean.

In the spirit of world ocean day, here are some fabulous tips on turning your kids bedroom into a deep sea paradise!

Think Blue

The most obvious change if you wanted to create a theme for the ocean, would be to incorporate some sort of blue, somewhere! Did you know the many of furniture items are available in blue? Made from solid ash hardwood, our beds are sturdy and will stand the test of time. Our blue versions include laminate on the head, foot board and drawer panels adding to the durability as they can be easily wiped down. This feature is especially effective on our toddler beds, creating a bright and exciting place for toddlers to sleep - this bed is also low to the ground and with the laminate panels, can be easily wiped down if there happens to be any accidents.

We also supply a range of beautiful nautical items to decorate the bedroom with afterwards, including a breezy ships bedspread and a kid's size ships rug. Making your little one feel right at home with the ocean couldn't be easier, why not add a breezy ships organiser to the bedroom? Not only will this item match the decor, it will help your little one to stay tidy and store away items.

Do you have any ideas on creating an aquatic themed bedroom? Get in touch, we would love to hear your thoughts!