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Your Guide To Buying Bunk Beds

May 18, 2020

Bunk Beds originated from the old metal two-story beds that soldiers would inhabit in the military. They were often seen as an eyesore and impractical, soldiers would have to jump down from the top bunk in the morning as bed ladders were not a thing back then. Though, over the years, the bunk bed has changed quite drastically, they are no longer ugly looking military beds - they are fun, space-saving capsules, capable of sparking a child's imagination. But, there are so many options and variations out there, so it's hard for parents to choose. Well, don't worry, because we're on hand with our guide for buying kids bunk beds!

Naturally, parents are skeptical when it comes to bunk beds, it's understandable. The safety of our little ones is paramount and mid - high sleeper beds put parents on edge. But, you do not need to worry, as bunks have become much safer, especially over the last decade. Bunks are great for siblings who have to share a bedroom, or for the social butterfly that is constantly having friends over to stay!

What should I consider when buying a bunk bed?

There are three main things that you should consider when buying a bunk bed for your little ones - functionality, accessibility and aesthetics. We all want bunk beds that look visually pleasing, as they are going to be the centrepiece of your kids bedroom, but we also need to consider the size of the bunkbeds and whether they will fit in the bedroom, and the functionality - what storage does the bunk bed incorporate?

But, naturally, there are other things that you should consider when purchasing bunk beds for your little ones...

SafetyCBC Bunks

Good safety restraints is vital with mid-high sleeper beds, as the last thing you want to be worrying about at night is your kids taking a tumble and hurting themselves. Bunk beds are generally much safer than they used to be. The top beds have safety panels to prevent children from falling out of bed as it can be quite a distance, which could cause serious injury. The bottom beds generally don't have safety panels, as they tend to be positioned low to the ground.

It is recommended that children under the age of 5 do not sleep in bunk beds as their understanding of the dangers may be fleeting. The ladders that help your child climb to the top bunk can also be very appealing to younger children - so, it is important that you pick out a bunk bed that has good, sturdy ladders that are accessible and easy to grip onto.

Choose Strong Materials Red bunk bed

There are plenty of bunk beds out there that are made from flimsy materials - so it is always important to check the reputation or reviews of the bed before you purchase it, as the last thing you want is your bunk beds to fall apart after a couple of months!

Most bunk beds come in either metal or hardwood. While metal may look modern and stylish, this contemporary and commercial material is problematic. After some time, metal can rust and become a rather serious health hazard to your little ones while bunks made from hardwood keep their durability and longevity.

Bunk Beds, or beds in general, that are made from hardwood can be passed down as a vintage heirloom through generations.

Calculate the room size

This is something you should ALWAYS do with bunk beds! Make sure you measure the room, not just in terms of floor space but with the space available between the floor and the ceiling too! The last thing you want is for your child to be bumping their head on the ceiling when they wake up in the morning.

Do this before you even look at new bunk beds for your little ones bedroom, so then you know exactly what you're looking for!

Make sure they are functional and stylish! White bunk beds

You want bunk beds that are visually pleasing, of course, but you also want your bunks to be functional! Internal storage is a great option if you have two siblings sharing a smaller bedroom, especially if it is underneath the bottom bunk. You can make use of this little extra space by placing your little ones clothes, toys or other bits and bobs inside.

Bunk beds are also a great way of saving floor space, which ultimately makes them super functional! Rather than having just two single beds, having them affixed together allows for extra floor space for wardrobes, chest of drawers, TV stands - or anything you need in a kids bedroom!

What Bunk Beds can I get from CBC?

Here at CBC, we offer the traditional double sleeper bunk beds, made from solid ash hardwood and veneer. These robust materials ensure durability and longevity that cannot be rivalled! But they are also super adorable and easy to climb, so your little ones will step into bed at night happy.

The under bed storage proves that bunk beds are the epitome of practical! But, if you are looking for a mid-sleeper bed for just one child, our study beds or tent beds may also be of interest - as they are accessible, functional and aesthetically beautiful.